Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Merry Christmas, everybody, and a happy new year!! :) 
I still need to get Christmas gifts for my family yet, but this weekend will be the time to do that. Also, we need to finish decorating at our house. I need to put up my Christmas stocking yet! To me, it does not matter where you go for Christmas or what you do. What matters is that you have fun at Christmas. At our church, we are sending some cookies to the children in Nigeria who won't have much of a Christmas this year, and we feel delighted to know that we will probably bring smiles on their faces. Isn't that what the Christmas spirit is about?
I have one last exam tomorrow at three, and then my last final next Tuesday, the day I should leave for home. I'm pretty excited. I get to spend more time with my family and animals, and hopefully get both some reading and writing done! I plan to buy a few books of the "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer, and read those along with a couple Steeple Hill December books. I'm writing two different stories right now. I was writing one, but when I started to write the ending of it on another Word document, I sort of lost interest with writing it. I was determined that the same thing wasn't going to happen with the second book. This book is called "The Revival of Breakups." I know that might sound like a weird title for a Christmas love story, but it truly is about breakups. The book is about a girl named Samantha Miller who comes home for a six week Christmas vacation, and with a car engine that needs repair. She comes to her ex-boyfriend Jacob Harper's farm, and demands that she needs the thousand dollar engagement ring she'd given back to him two years before, so she could pay off her car engine. Jacob and Samantha argue for most of the book, but both Jacob's family and Samantha's family make this stubborn couple realize that they are still in love with each other, and that God has brought them together for a special reason. Samantha is told by the Harper family that in order to get back her engagement ring, she must do some work with them on the farm. This turns out to be a hideous time for Jacob, because he keeps losing patience with her! 
Doesn't that sound like an interesting story? I hope I actually finish BOTH stories! 
In the mean time, I'm preparing to leave for Christmas break, and this post will probably be my last one before the end of Christmas vacation, or at least before Christmas. So, everybody, have a wonderful and blessed holiday season! Don't eat too much candy, and make sure to help out wherever you can with Christmas dinner and other delights. 
God bless always! :) 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Book on New Computer

I am reading a lot of books lately. Over Thanksgiving, I finished "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. Then, I read a Love Inspired book in two whole days. I have two December Love Inspired books left to read, and at the same time am planning to finish the "Twilight" saga series. I love those books, too. But since there are currently none available at the library, I will probably have to buy the first three books, or at least the second and third. The fourth is too much to buy right now, but if I'm really desperate, and especially if it is God's will, I hope to eventually own it. 
At the same time, I'm adoring my new laptop, and writing a story on there as well. I started writing this story pretty much at my grandma's house five hours away when we were sitting in her living room enjoying Thanksgiving there. Ah, don't you love family? Well anyways, I began writing a book called "Common Sense." I started writing with no clue what the plot was going to be. I do that sometimes. I just sit at the computer and write a prologue or chapter until the story comes to me. I think that might be a helpful tip for all writers. 
So I began writing, and I eventually got the story in my brain. It's going to be about a woman named Megan "Meg" who is abused by her soon-to-be ex-husband and a guy named Pierre comes to protect her. He drives her away from that house, and makes her eventually realize what true love really is about. I think this will be a fabulous story. I hope I can finish it, especially since it's written in first person point of view. I love writing in that point of view! :) 
Well, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. It won't be long for me until there's Christmas break, so if I don't write before then, everybody have a blessed Christmas, too! :) 
Ta! God bless!