Saturday, September 12, 2009

Start of Senior College Year~

Been a while, hasn't it?
Well, first I'd like to say that I have a new series coming soon that I am working on. I am planning for it to be a hilarious, silly but real-life romance-Christan stories. God willing, I will be able to hear from a publisher on that matter soon. I plan to have one publisher company for my romance-Christan books, and another for the books that don't fit in that publishing company. God willing.
So anyway, the series will be called "Skyler Hut" series, consisting of four books. Skyler Hut, Montana is a totally made-up town, but I wanted it to sound silly. The first book is about a silly fishing supplies shop owner woman named Lena who still loves her neighbor, "friend" and ex-boyfriend Rod.
The second is about a ceramic shop owner named Jayla meeting Japan fellow Jiro.
The third is about bookstore owner Beth falling for librarian Slade.
And finally, the fourth will be of pizza shop owner Penny falling for town sheriff Jaxon.
Please check my website if you are interested for more information, or send me an email. Especially send me an email if you have any publishing companies in mind that could be good and possible great ones for me. If you know what I mean.
The start of senior year in college has not quite kicked in yet. So far, I've been learning a lot and constantly praying that God's will to be done. He's the one in control of everything, after all. And in the classes that I dread, I need extra courage and strength to get through them. Plus, I've been a bit disappointed with life lately, so God willing, it will all get better by His direction only. Please pray for me, and that would be really appreciated! :)
Today's a Saturday, and that means a boring day of washing clothes, finishing with reading the latest paperback novel I'm reading--which is really good by the way--making a time to see my relatives tomorrow for church hopefully, and getting started on some homework. Maybe.
By the way, I decided not to write that "New York" book. It was much too scary for my taste, and because I knew how it would probably end, it kept me totally from writing any more of it. I'm not much of a traditional writer anyway, like writing in that sort of decade for the United States. I like modern life much better, despite how the economy is coming along. But God is in control of everything, and even though it may seem a bit disheartening now, I trust that in His good time, everything will be able to easily work out. Yep.
Talk to you all later for now!!