Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Power~

Hey, y'all,
I recently watched the movie "Julie and Julia" and absolutely adored it!! I wish that I could meet Julia Child, even Paul Child. They seemed like such amazing people. The movie tells so much about their lives together, their romance and relationship, how they longed for and couldn't have children, and their life in France in the late 1940s and early 50s. I like that movie a lot, and I wish that I could be able to write a blog where I could be able to get at least one comment every time I post it! For some odd reason, Blogger doesn't want to post my June post, and I'm a little miffed about that. But hey, it'll post eventually, even if it's next June. Haha....hopefully not!
Well anyways, I've started writing again, little by little. I write a poem here and there, but lately I have been stuck in writer's block and unable to get out of it, apparently. I got influenced by the "Julie and Julia" movie so much that not only did I decide to blog today, but I decided that the main character in this one book I've decided to maybe write (Lord willing) will have a diary that she constantly writes in, where the reader will read her thoughts in first person and the rest of her life in third person. I don't think I've experienced with this kind of thing yet, so we'll see how God decides to bless it. :) The book is about a woman artist who is quite funny. She decides to visit Japan, where her life is changed forever when she meets this man who is not only Japanese, but has never had the chance to really know the Lord. And she's going to teach him about Him!! Doesn't that sound exciting? Lately, I've decided that maybe, just maybe, my books should contain more love and tenderness and plans from God for people. I feel like I haven't included that in my other books as much as I probably should. After all, God is the One who gave me this amazing talent of writing!! :)
By the way, if it hadn't been for God, I would not have realized today that I actually like to cook (also something from "Julie and Julia", haha)! I've been telling people I hate it, which I do if it's boring, but if it's interesting....oh, boy, am I excited to cook now!! Okay, I won't go on and on about the movie, but at any rate, what do my readers think....if I have any readers??
Well anyways, let me know what you think of my brand new book idea. Also, let me know if any of you has a poem subject idea. I'm open to anything, really, as long as it honors God, of course. :)
Monthly Quote: "What matter is not what is witty, but what is true." --Albert Scheweitzer.
Ta!! TTYL!! :D Hopefully Blogger will be happier next month. :)