Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After-Christmas News~

Howdy, y'all,
Soooo, how was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was spectacular. I never wanted it to end. Okay, not everything was always fun, but I'd rather be at home helping my mother prepare lambing pens for soon-to-be ewe mothers than be at college again, studying. :( Not cool at all. Plus, I am trying to financially decide on if I should--since I have one more year left of college unfortunately--stay at the dorms one more year OR get an apartment. I'll be 22 soon, after all, and even though I'm following God's will for my life, I'm getting kind of sick of the dorms. I've been there for four whole years, after all. And because of several different situations in my life right now, I don't really know if He wants me to get an apartment or stick through another year of dorm life cuz it might be easier. If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment on this blog, as long as it's nothing inappropriate, that is.
On the plus side, I think I will have more time for stuff outside classes this semester. Particularly, knitting. That's right, folks. I'm learning to knit. There's this favorite book of mine that I love so much where the narrator is constantly knitting, that it inspired me. I love it so far, even though I'm still on Lesson 1. But with God all things are possible, right? Besides, I think it'll be fun to try new hobbies.
Busy by the time I blog again hopefully it will not be busier than it is now. God willing, of course.
So that's the scoop so far!! Happy 2010 everybody!! :)
Ta!! :)