Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Bash~

Hey, y'all,

Long time no speak!! I've been real busy with school, work, & home stuff and haven't had time to come on here. I probably wouldn't have posted anything for September anyway, because writing has been so slow!!

I finished "Promised." All that is left is editing, and who knows when that will get done. Only God knows, really. I postponed writing "Stay Alive," because I'm not that interested in writing it yet. I tried writing a story called "Life As We Know It," but I'm not real sure where to go with it from here. I also am half finished writing a book called "Home To You," but I haven't had time to really think about what else I could put in besides the 60-some pages I've already written. I HAVE, however, been reading a lot. I opt to read at least one chapter every morning before breakfast. It works pretty well, because then I can start my days off better that way. In fact, reading over my morning coffee--or in this case, morning breakfast--has always been a mini-dream of mine.

But anyway, any book ideas would be appreciated. The most I've been writing lately are school papers, if anything, and we all know how boring those can be. I read the book "Avalon High" by Meg Cabot twice. It's a superb book, and I highly recommend it!! So if you get some spare time, check out your local bookstore and rent it or buy it!! Whatever comes first, really. My sister recommended it to me, and now there's a movie of it coming out in the fall!! I'm so excited, besides Part 1 of Harry Potter 7 coming out at the end of November, of course!! :) I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Not as big as I am a fan of God, but anyway, that's pretty much all the book news I have lately!! God bless and take care, y'all!! Everyone depend on God with all your heart, body, & soul, and hopefully I will be back next month to give y'all more exciting news!! :D

Ta!! :)


P.S.> In the mean time, check out the new layout for my blog!! :) I made the layout that way, because I LOVE antique stuff and it reminds me of my late great-grandmother and my two grandmothers. Also, I think it fits best with my blog genre, don't you?? :) Ta!!