Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Hello, everybody.
Since this is a blog not only for my books but to discuss other books, I've decided that I
am going to do it that way, too. Right now, I'm reading "Twilight". You know, the book where
a movie is coming out in theaters really soon? My sisters want to see it, and so do I. But
anyways, I was warned by both my family and my friends that I should read the book BEFORE
I watch the movie. Well, I checked the book out in the library yesterday.
I started reading.
And couldn't stop!
I got 100-some pages read in only a few hours. From 6:30-9:30 last night, I sat on my
bed with the TV on mute and not even one of my favorite shows could stop me from my new
addiction. It seriously IS an addiction. I mean, holy cats, how on earth can a book so good get
you so addicted that you can't even put it down? I'm used to reading Love Inspired novels,
and I have never-NEVER-in my life, read a book so fast. This book is 490 some pages long, and
one Love Inspired, inspirational romance-Christian book is only at least 217 pages long! At
this rate, I'll definitely have "Twilight" finished before Thanksgiving, and that's like two weeks almost!
It took my sisters a lot longer than that to finish, so I am very confused.
Ha. So last night I thought to myself, 'Golly gee, if I can read 100 pages a night if a book is that good,
why does it take me sometimes a month to finish a Love Inspired book? Therefore, I guess I AM
capable of finishing one Love Inspired book in two days. Ha! You know what that also means?
I should not have to complain to my family and friends anymore that I never have time to read a Love
Inspired book! I have like 8 books left, and it's never occurred to me that I could finish all those eight in
sixteen days. I never realized that before!
Okay, by now, you must be wondering if I'm going to actually tell you about the book I am currently
reading called "Twilight". Well! I have got to say that it will probably end up as one of my favorite, all-time
books! It has romance, adventure, and the narrator of the story, Bella, is very funny and sarcastic. I guess I'm
getting crazier by the page!
Well anyways, Thanksgiving is approaching. So! I wish everybody a warm, healthy and safe
Thanksgiving! See you afterward...sometime. :) Keep reading and writing, everybody! Ta!

God bless,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well! I FINALLY decided on a good possible topic for a new story, although I am unsure on whether I will be able to finish it! Here is what it might be about:
****Army soldier Garrett Anders adores being a faithful husband and father to his wife, Isabelle and two children. But he's called to go to Iraq for two years, and is afraid to leave his family behind. The only thing that will keep him alive are emails and kid hand-drawn pictures back and forth. 
Isabelle is afraid for her husband, but knows she is not alone. Not only do they have God, but her best friend's husband is going through the exact same thing. 
But when her best friend's husband gets killed and Garrett is captured by Iraqis, she has to learn the true meaning of being faithful to God...and never giving up. ****
If this story seems too much, please tell me. I don't want to be offending anyone. 
Let me know... ttyl! 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I FINISHED the book!! :0)

Hey, y'all. I just wanted to say that I finished the book I was revising. 
Like I've said before, please let me know if anyone wants me to place chapters on my blog!
Ignore the blog from the other day about discovering a new topic for a book. It sounded so depressing, so I thought of something else. I am not sure if I am going to use it or not, but let me know if you think it is good! :) Here it is:
Eight years ago, Emma Francis's fiance died in her arms. But now he's back and she has idea why. She doesn't want to even look at him, though, because she's pledged to be married to someone so much different...
Luke Collins hadn't died eight years ago. Instead, he'd been brought to a hospital and had amnesia for three years. Because of fear he hadn't been able to return with his Spanish friend Enrique, but now he's back, wanting her back in his life because now he so remembered her.
Except it was going to take a whole lot more than a promise for Luke to do God's will.
What do you think? Let me know!! :) 
God bless. J.M.G.~

Friday, November 7, 2008

Done with Book

I am done with the book that I was writing called "Things That Don't Happen Every Day". The book needs some more revising and editing, so would anyone like me to post chapters on my blog or website?
Let me know.
In the mean time, I have another book in my head, ha! I am still not sure if the good Lord wants me to write this sort of story. It will be sort of graphic, but only as in some violence.
Let me know if you like it. Here is what it is going to be about:
As a waiter, Bob Samson had adored his co-worker Anna Michaels from afar. There's only two problems, though.
One: he does drugs and can't seem to stop, despite her pleas for him to.
Two: he does not want to reveal his past life.
Anna Michaels thinks of Bob as a good co-worker and waiter, but a lousy friend and person. She knows he needs help, and even is afraid of praying for him. However, when circumstances bring them together and she discovers the gang he's in, she has to choose between life and death to save his life...
So. Do you think it sounds good? Again, let me know. Thanks! :) Ta!