Friday, November 7, 2008

Done with Book

I am done with the book that I was writing called "Things That Don't Happen Every Day". The book needs some more revising and editing, so would anyone like me to post chapters on my blog or website?
Let me know.
In the mean time, I have another book in my head, ha! I am still not sure if the good Lord wants me to write this sort of story. It will be sort of graphic, but only as in some violence.
Let me know if you like it. Here is what it is going to be about:
As a waiter, Bob Samson had adored his co-worker Anna Michaels from afar. There's only two problems, though.
One: he does drugs and can't seem to stop, despite her pleas for him to.
Two: he does not want to reveal his past life.
Anna Michaels thinks of Bob as a good co-worker and waiter, but a lousy friend and person. She knows he needs help, and even is afraid of praying for him. However, when circumstances bring them together and she discovers the gang he's in, she has to choose between life and death to save his life...
So. Do you think it sounds good? Again, let me know. Thanks! :) Ta!

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