Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Hello, everybody.
Since this is a blog not only for my books but to discuss other books, I've decided that I
am going to do it that way, too. Right now, I'm reading "Twilight". You know, the book where
a movie is coming out in theaters really soon? My sisters want to see it, and so do I. But
anyways, I was warned by both my family and my friends that I should read the book BEFORE
I watch the movie. Well, I checked the book out in the library yesterday.
I started reading.
And couldn't stop!
I got 100-some pages read in only a few hours. From 6:30-9:30 last night, I sat on my
bed with the TV on mute and not even one of my favorite shows could stop me from my new
addiction. It seriously IS an addiction. I mean, holy cats, how on earth can a book so good get
you so addicted that you can't even put it down? I'm used to reading Love Inspired novels,
and I have never-NEVER-in my life, read a book so fast. This book is 490 some pages long, and
one Love Inspired, inspirational romance-Christian book is only at least 217 pages long! At
this rate, I'll definitely have "Twilight" finished before Thanksgiving, and that's like two weeks almost!
It took my sisters a lot longer than that to finish, so I am very confused.
Ha. So last night I thought to myself, 'Golly gee, if I can read 100 pages a night if a book is that good,
why does it take me sometimes a month to finish a Love Inspired book? Therefore, I guess I AM
capable of finishing one Love Inspired book in two days. Ha! You know what that also means?
I should not have to complain to my family and friends anymore that I never have time to read a Love
Inspired book! I have like 8 books left, and it's never occurred to me that I could finish all those eight in
sixteen days. I never realized that before!
Okay, by now, you must be wondering if I'm going to actually tell you about the book I am currently
reading called "Twilight". Well! I have got to say that it will probably end up as one of my favorite, all-time
books! It has romance, adventure, and the narrator of the story, Bella, is very funny and sarcastic. I guess I'm
getting crazier by the page!
Well anyways, Thanksgiving is approaching. So! I wish everybody a warm, healthy and safe
Thanksgiving! See you afterward...sometime. :) Keep reading and writing, everybody! Ta!

God bless,


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