Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April (Spring has finally sprung!!) idea!!

Hey, y'all, So, I've been thinking a bit about what book to write next. Right now, my main motive with writing is to finish the poetry book I've been working on. It has my poems from now since I first started writing poetry when I was either eleven or twelve years of age. The poetry is all expressionistic, emotional, amusing, and very inspirational poetry about God, family, friends, true love, and animals. Once I finish my maximum count of poems of 60-70 poems, (and if I write a poem a week this shouldn't be too hard, since I only have 12 or so poems left), then I will finish editing the poems and go on to finish editing the books I have written over the years. Because it occurred to me that with everything going on in real life right now, my heart is just not into writing a brand new book no matter how tempting that may appear. Nope. If I finish this poetry book and God willing, write another one, then finish editing and publishing the books I've written up until now, that would work out just fine. I've been wondering on if God wants me to stop writing books so I can concentrate on just writing poetry and finishing with editing everything else. What do you guys think?? Well, that's Plan A. Plan B would be to just take some time off of writing books for a while. Both are similar in their own ways. On the other hand, at my apartment I have this small stack of notebook stories that have never been typed. I could also, of course, finish typing and editing those ones (the ones that are print-worthy anyway, haha) while working on poems. This plan won't be that much work. I can continue to edit my other books as I please, extremely similar to Emily Dickinson toward the end of her life. As her life drew to a close, she edited her poems to her complete sense of perfection, even though, pathetically, some of her poems were ruined by critics multiple years later. Thankfully, in this day and age, everyone loves Dickinson's poetry exactly how she made them. I want it to be a similar experience for me, y'all. How I edit my books shall be exactly like that. Well, I gotta go, y'all!! Take care, stay blessed, and see you next month!! :) TTYL! TA!! :) JMG~