Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas!! :)

Hey, y'all,
How is everybody on this gorgeous December day? It is pretty outside with all the snow, even if it is cold.
I honestly have the best coat in the entire world. That's right, I got a new one!! I needed a new one, because the
old one had shorter sleeves, the collar didn't come up to warm my neck the way I wanted, and my hood was too
small. So I got a nice one that wasn't too expensive and had all the trimmings. Speaking of trimmings, what is your
favorite Christmas tradition? My family and I don't really have traditions except for one thing: us four sisters picking
names to be each other's secret santas. It is pretty fun, although I won't tell you who I have. No doubt there will
be presents galore and plenty of food and fun. I love this time of year, because this may be my last long Christmas
vacation. I still don't know when I am going to graduate from college.
In the mean time, I am still writing the "Strange Stuff" series I told you about last month. I am starting on the
second story of the series. I am so excited to watch how Bernie and Carlie Mae get together!! It's going to be a blast
to write their story, because they are pretty much just going to be fighting till the end. In my book, that is a fun way to
fall in love. Okay, maybe not for them, but I still think it is.
After that one will be Alec and Meg's story where the best buds will finally get together. In Bernie and Carlie
Mae's story, you will see how close Alec and Meg actually get following high school graduation. Finally, there are
two more books after this: Allison and Daniel's story, and Olivia and Zachary's story. I saved possibly the best for
last, because Olivia will be a really hard character to make fall in love, too. But hey, with God on my side, I can do
anything!! :)
Hope you all have a blessed, warm, safe, and healthy Christmas!! Take care and God bless!! :)
Ta!! :)