Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011!!!!!

Hey, y'all!! Happy 2011!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas & New Year's!! :D

Lots going on lately. Book wise, pretty slow. Writer's block is a real killer. I finished "Miracles Happen" finally, and am now on deciding which book to finish writing next: "Home To You," "Stay Alive," or "Not My Life." They are all interesting books, and so far, all pretty much the same length of pages. The problem is deciding which one interests me the most (once the writer's block is gone, that is) to finish writing first!!

I thought of this book idea, but I'm still not sure on whether or not I should write it. It's not exactly the kind of book I write, although I'm always open to new ideas. It would be called "For Better Or For Worse." The book would be long-ish and would be about this married couple and the flashbacks they had of how they met, their children...all wound up in this mystery / suspense novel where the audience would see the flashbacks from a different-named couple, who actually ends up to be the same couple: Rick and Molly McCarthy. To confuse readers, I planned to change their names to Richard and Margaret, different last names, to show not only that this is about one couple and not multiple ones, but also to show how dangerous Rick's career really is. His career is so dangerous and life-threatening, not only his wife Molly can imagine its horrors and terrors inside it. Rick has to be away from his family up to a month at a time, and no one he works with in this "company" knows he even has a family. If any of you like "Lost" or "V," this is the book to read for you....if I ever decide to read it, that is. Let me know if any of y'all think of it as an awesome book for me to write!! After all, it still has plenty of romance in it. And Rick is not at all like a regular father / husband type. His career sort of outlies who he truly is. I guess it's hard to explain, but I haven't gotten it all figured out yet.

By the way, personally, I've never had much of an interest in the TV show "V," but whatever, I guess that's the best way to explain the entire story idea.

Because I'm back at school for one final semester (sad), I probably won't have as much time to write. BUT, fortunately, I think I will have a lot more time to write than last semester. Hopefully, anyway, because I go crazy if I don't write. Also, I'm now planning on giving some writing tips /advice for beginning or professional writers out there. Any kind of writers out there, really, because, after all, I'll be graduating at the end of this semester with an English degree that defines a truly English-major career. My siblings ask me to review their high school work all the time, so I'm pretty sure that, now that I'm so close to my English degree I can practically smell it, I can give writing advice that is not lame!! :D Yay!! Hehe.

**Writing Advice #1: Write whatever kind of genre you want, even if it ends up being corny and cheesy work. It's your own work, and no one should ever try to take away that kind of work from you. God grew that genre of writing inside your heart. It's a talent that you have been blessed with. So write what makes you happy, what's in your heart, because since God built it there, then. everything will fall into place. :)

Stay warm and healthy, everyone!! Ta!! :) :D