Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Merry Christmas, everybody, and a happy new year!! :) 
I still need to get Christmas gifts for my family yet, but this weekend will be the time to do that. Also, we need to finish decorating at our house. I need to put up my Christmas stocking yet! To me, it does not matter where you go for Christmas or what you do. What matters is that you have fun at Christmas. At our church, we are sending some cookies to the children in Nigeria who won't have much of a Christmas this year, and we feel delighted to know that we will probably bring smiles on their faces. Isn't that what the Christmas spirit is about?
I have one last exam tomorrow at three, and then my last final next Tuesday, the day I should leave for home. I'm pretty excited. I get to spend more time with my family and animals, and hopefully get both some reading and writing done! I plan to buy a few books of the "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer, and read those along with a couple Steeple Hill December books. I'm writing two different stories right now. I was writing one, but when I started to write the ending of it on another Word document, I sort of lost interest with writing it. I was determined that the same thing wasn't going to happen with the second book. This book is called "The Revival of Breakups." I know that might sound like a weird title for a Christmas love story, but it truly is about breakups. The book is about a girl named Samantha Miller who comes home for a six week Christmas vacation, and with a car engine that needs repair. She comes to her ex-boyfriend Jacob Harper's farm, and demands that she needs the thousand dollar engagement ring she'd given back to him two years before, so she could pay off her car engine. Jacob and Samantha argue for most of the book, but both Jacob's family and Samantha's family make this stubborn couple realize that they are still in love with each other, and that God has brought them together for a special reason. Samantha is told by the Harper family that in order to get back her engagement ring, she must do some work with them on the farm. This turns out to be a hideous time for Jacob, because he keeps losing patience with her! 
Doesn't that sound like an interesting story? I hope I actually finish BOTH stories! 
In the mean time, I'm preparing to leave for Christmas break, and this post will probably be my last one before the end of Christmas vacation, or at least before Christmas. So, everybody, have a wonderful and blessed holiday season! Don't eat too much candy, and make sure to help out wherever you can with Christmas dinner and other delights. 
God bless always! :) 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Book on New Computer

I am reading a lot of books lately. Over Thanksgiving, I finished "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. Then, I read a Love Inspired book in two whole days. I have two December Love Inspired books left to read, and at the same time am planning to finish the "Twilight" saga series. I love those books, too. But since there are currently none available at the library, I will probably have to buy the first three books, or at least the second and third. The fourth is too much to buy right now, but if I'm really desperate, and especially if it is God's will, I hope to eventually own it. 
At the same time, I'm adoring my new laptop, and writing a story on there as well. I started writing this story pretty much at my grandma's house five hours away when we were sitting in her living room enjoying Thanksgiving there. Ah, don't you love family? Well anyways, I began writing a book called "Common Sense." I started writing with no clue what the plot was going to be. I do that sometimes. I just sit at the computer and write a prologue or chapter until the story comes to me. I think that might be a helpful tip for all writers. 
So I began writing, and I eventually got the story in my brain. It's going to be about a woman named Megan "Meg" who is abused by her soon-to-be ex-husband and a guy named Pierre comes to protect her. He drives her away from that house, and makes her eventually realize what true love really is about. I think this will be a fabulous story. I hope I can finish it, especially since it's written in first person point of view. I love writing in that point of view! :) 
Well, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. It won't be long for me until there's Christmas break, so if I don't write before then, everybody have a blessed Christmas, too! :) 
Ta! God bless! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Hello, everybody.
Since this is a blog not only for my books but to discuss other books, I've decided that I
am going to do it that way, too. Right now, I'm reading "Twilight". You know, the book where
a movie is coming out in theaters really soon? My sisters want to see it, and so do I. But
anyways, I was warned by both my family and my friends that I should read the book BEFORE
I watch the movie. Well, I checked the book out in the library yesterday.
I started reading.
And couldn't stop!
I got 100-some pages read in only a few hours. From 6:30-9:30 last night, I sat on my
bed with the TV on mute and not even one of my favorite shows could stop me from my new
addiction. It seriously IS an addiction. I mean, holy cats, how on earth can a book so good get
you so addicted that you can't even put it down? I'm used to reading Love Inspired novels,
and I have never-NEVER-in my life, read a book so fast. This book is 490 some pages long, and
one Love Inspired, inspirational romance-Christian book is only at least 217 pages long! At
this rate, I'll definitely have "Twilight" finished before Thanksgiving, and that's like two weeks almost!
It took my sisters a lot longer than that to finish, so I am very confused.
Ha. So last night I thought to myself, 'Golly gee, if I can read 100 pages a night if a book is that good,
why does it take me sometimes a month to finish a Love Inspired book? Therefore, I guess I AM
capable of finishing one Love Inspired book in two days. Ha! You know what that also means?
I should not have to complain to my family and friends anymore that I never have time to read a Love
Inspired book! I have like 8 books left, and it's never occurred to me that I could finish all those eight in
sixteen days. I never realized that before!
Okay, by now, you must be wondering if I'm going to actually tell you about the book I am currently
reading called "Twilight". Well! I have got to say that it will probably end up as one of my favorite, all-time
books! It has romance, adventure, and the narrator of the story, Bella, is very funny and sarcastic. I guess I'm
getting crazier by the page!
Well anyways, Thanksgiving is approaching. So! I wish everybody a warm, healthy and safe
Thanksgiving! See you afterward...sometime. :) Keep reading and writing, everybody! Ta!

God bless,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well! I FINALLY decided on a good possible topic for a new story, although I am unsure on whether I will be able to finish it! Here is what it might be about:
****Army soldier Garrett Anders adores being a faithful husband and father to his wife, Isabelle and two children. But he's called to go to Iraq for two years, and is afraid to leave his family behind. The only thing that will keep him alive are emails and kid hand-drawn pictures back and forth. 
Isabelle is afraid for her husband, but knows she is not alone. Not only do they have God, but her best friend's husband is going through the exact same thing. 
But when her best friend's husband gets killed and Garrett is captured by Iraqis, she has to learn the true meaning of being faithful to God...and never giving up. ****
If this story seems too much, please tell me. I don't want to be offending anyone. 
Let me know... ttyl! 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I FINISHED the book!! :0)

Hey, y'all. I just wanted to say that I finished the book I was revising. 
Like I've said before, please let me know if anyone wants me to place chapters on my blog!
Ignore the blog from the other day about discovering a new topic for a book. It sounded so depressing, so I thought of something else. I am not sure if I am going to use it or not, but let me know if you think it is good! :) Here it is:
Eight years ago, Emma Francis's fiance died in her arms. But now he's back and she has idea why. She doesn't want to even look at him, though, because she's pledged to be married to someone so much different...
Luke Collins hadn't died eight years ago. Instead, he'd been brought to a hospital and had amnesia for three years. Because of fear he hadn't been able to return with his Spanish friend Enrique, but now he's back, wanting her back in his life because now he so remembered her.
Except it was going to take a whole lot more than a promise for Luke to do God's will.
What do you think? Let me know!! :) 
God bless. J.M.G.~

Friday, November 7, 2008

Done with Book

I am done with the book that I was writing called "Things That Don't Happen Every Day". The book needs some more revising and editing, so would anyone like me to post chapters on my blog or website?
Let me know.
In the mean time, I have another book in my head, ha! I am still not sure if the good Lord wants me to write this sort of story. It will be sort of graphic, but only as in some violence.
Let me know if you like it. Here is what it is going to be about:
As a waiter, Bob Samson had adored his co-worker Anna Michaels from afar. There's only two problems, though.
One: he does drugs and can't seem to stop, despite her pleas for him to.
Two: he does not want to reveal his past life.
Anna Michaels thinks of Bob as a good co-worker and waiter, but a lousy friend and person. She knows he needs help, and even is afraid of praying for him. However, when circumstances bring them together and she discovers the gang he's in, she has to choose between life and death to save his life...
So. Do you think it sounds good? Again, let me know. Thanks! :) Ta!

Friday, October 31, 2008


Well! I would just like to say that the book I am writing right now called: "Things That Don't Happen Every Day" is
going well. So well in fact, that I'm afraid I'll definitely have to revise when I am all done. And THEN I'll
send it to whoever wants it. Please comment whenever you think I should post certain chapters of my story on
here, my blog.
Actually, you know what? That gives me a grand idea. In this blog right now, I will give you an excerpt FROM
the book. Yeah! :) And it will be the best scene I think will receive the most replies, too. :) So anyways, please
follow the little star thingies down below, and after that will be the scene. I hope you enjoy it and comment soon!
Thanks again!
Ta! God bless~ ;)

Chapter One

It was a windy day, and....I don't know. I guess I just wanted to say that. That seems like a real good beginning to the story, don't
you think? I think so. Well, I guess I actually do, because it's me. The one who's actually thinking of the past, while sitting in this
little recliner with my name on it. I am seventy years old, and in the back of this stupid, puke brown chair, my name is on it. As if, for goodness
sakes, I am actually in kindergarten instead!
It's my kids' fault. They put me in this jailhouse with the formal name of "nursing home". There is not even no nursing thing about it.
Unless of course, you think about the mean nurses with halloween faces who come over to you and ask how you are. Oh, I'm just fine. I don't say
much, and when I do, I'm practically criticized for saying something!
Okay, you want to have it? Fine. Here is the schedule for!
I wake up at six a.m., unless my nurse friend, not really a friend, named Bettie comes over and wakes me up. It's such a stupid schedule.
What if I want to sleep in, huh? Did they ever think of that? No! They get paid for doing nothing! Zip, zero, zacko!
First, there's breakfast. And I swear to my grave that meal is bigger than all of them put together. When you do not eat all your eggs,
bacon, etc., which all smells pretty bad by the way, I swear they throw the food out like there's not ten billion children out there starving
half to death. After breakfast, it's what the people call study time. And oh, no, it's not back-to-college time, it's people who come from town
and give little annoying skits, or else play the piano for so long you can practically feel, much less see, the drool coming from the snoring people
behind me! 
This lasts until noon, strictly, where we have yet a fab meal of whatever they killed the night before. The dessert is even bad, if you can call
jello dessert anymore, or sometimes pudding. The stuff is so jiggly, that I silently and constantly wish people luck with whoever they have to feed.
I'm not being mean or anything, I'm just warning you about nursing homes so you can hope and pray that you never have to go there
before you die!
After lunch, it's nap time. That's a swell time. They escort you via a wheelchair back to your room where you listen to your older
roommate gurgling in their sleep until you find the nightmares inside your own. And THEN, it's snack time. Yes, instead of little cookies and milk
you had when you were little, you have soggy grapes and orange slices that hardly stay whole. Oh, yum! Very seldom do they give you
apple slices.
After that, it's recliner-sitting staring-into-space time where you have a lot to think about but mostly stare into space.
Then at six sharp, it's a wonderful case of the dinner again, and then finally at eight o'clock, it's back to that cot of a bed where
they start the whole day the same way at the exact same times the next day.
Okay, fine. FINE! You want to hear the WHOLE story? I'll tell you....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Too much going on in the head.

All righty. Soooo, I've come up with a new book despite the growing demands of personal troubles. I have come up with a new book and it just so happens that it was either the first or second story that I ever started writing when I was 12, 13, maybe? I can't remember...
But anyways, here goes. It was a story about a girl named Nikki Greenman, and I was writing about her and her husband Eric, and the when I finished the story, it was not my best work, especially since it was the first book I ever actually typed. But guess what? It just so happens that I had saved the book on a floppy disk. We got a new computer at home, and bam! all the sudden, I had lost that beloved book. Oh, I found one half! So that was that. I had lost that book, and in turn it made me very mad. 
One day I started doing the book over again on a floppy, but it went horribly. The book wasn't the same, and I didn't have the bounce in me that I had when I'd written that first book. It was very upsetting. So I decided to just forget about it. The story would never come back to me. 
Well, it has come back to me. Except this time, the story is completely different. In the previous book, the girl named Nikki lost her boyfriend named Josh when she was 15, by his death. She marries her goofy friend Eric, and they have a very odd marriage. They have two kids, and everything is messed up like that. Nikki had a friend named Jean, who she later discovers had died when she had been away at college in California, a random place. 
This time, it's very different. It's about a girl named Nora, who has a friend, not a boyfriend, but a friend named Josh who later moves away. No romantic relationship whatsoever. She has a best friend named Jean, who because of a drug addiction has to move away with her mom to get therapy and rehab. Nora marries her goofy friend Eric, but instead of a weird marriage, they have a rather good and healthy one. And instead of two kids, they have three. 
So this story will be a remembered timeline. A timeline from when Nora is a little girl when her alcoholic mom is abandoned by Nora's step-father. The step-father named Carl drops off his daughter and Nora at Nora's Aunt Maggie's house, and leaves them there without saying anything, not even goodbye, and therefore they never seen him again. Nora grows up and becomes friends with Jean, and after she moves away, after Josh, then she and Eric fall in love and eventually get married. They have three kids, Anna, Franklin and Michael, who is actually Eric, Jr., and it ends with Nora in the care center as an old woman. The story starts out with her irony, about how she hates living at the care center with other old folks, and can't do anything she wants. So she starts narrating the story. 
Okay, it might not sound as good as it is in my head. But it's about finding God first and foremost, love and the power of family and friendship. This will be a very inspirational story, so when I finally finish it, this time I promise I won't lose it, ha ha. 
Please let me know, whoever's there, on what you think of this story when you can. Thanks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Change of Mind? or Heart....

All right, I changed my mind about writing about the Triangle Fire in 1911. I wasn't enjoying my writing, and shouldn't
a writer enjoy writing something instead of dread it? I thought about that, and decided that the whole story would also be
way too sad to let someone die at the end when throughout the whole story it's an optimistic and romantic time!
So, I decided to write something different, and I'm actually excited about it. It's about the college life, and this couple
are college seniors. One of the protagonists, Ava McDonnell, discovers from her family that they think she's not happy
in life. At hearing this, she tells her friend Glenda that she needs to maybe choose a best friend to hang out with, and maybe
she'll be happier than, even though she thinks she is happy. Glenda doesn't know what to do with her, but lets her pick
this random guy named Jack Collins in the library to be her best friend. She makes a good choice, because Jack's humor and sarcasm
about life, his constant wit and making her laugh help her eventually discover that this might be more than just friendship.
The problem is, Jack has adored Ava from afar, and she doesn't even know it. He wants to choose her as more than a best friend,
especially since she's been dreaming about finding her one true love since age thirteen.
Should I let you guys know how the story works out? I'm excited about it, and if y'all ever get on my blog,
I'd appreciate you telling me your thoughts.
Thanks, and have a good one!! :)
J. M. G.~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Possible New Book. Any ideas??

I have a new book that I'm pondering, centered around New York in the time where the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Co. Fire happened in 1911. This book will be about a woman named Savannah Walker, who with her best friend Beth, immigrants from England, went to the United States to work. Savannah is taking care of her nephew Johnny, whose mother passed away a year and a half before. 
Savannah is going to be the first main character, but the secondary one will be the man she meets and falls in love with, Jacob Collins, a waiter at a restaurant. 
Let me know what you think. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Story???

Okay, I think I have an idea for a blog???
Let me know what you think:

Book: "Opposites Attract", by JMG:
Jake Collins-28-producer of the ad agency, relies on his secretary for errands & stuff, such as getting his coffee and doughnuts, etc.
Tessa Martin-26-secretary of the ad agency, very sarcastic, and is dating Jake's colleague, whom he's jealous of.
This story will be about a secretary and her boss who like to argue and fight a lot, although they hardly notice that they seem to spend too much time together in the small town of Lincoln, Montana. But Tessa's new boyfriend does, and brings them together. 
Let me know... JMG. :) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Any Ideas??

I'm trying to figure out some new topics for books, but the more I think of ideas, the more they do not appeal to me for some odd reason. So if anybody has any ideas, I would be happy to try them out. So just let me know!!
Here are the topics I have come up with so far:
-book about a shy ballet girl who falls in love with a guy who's obese and has loved her for a few years, ever since she's moved there. the story will center around how it's important to not look on the outside of a person, but on the inside, and that love can happen to anyone.
-book about an Olympics basketball player who falls for a small-town girl who had been one of his biggest fans.
-book about a handicapped girl who falls in love with a tough guy at the high school, and he learns to not be such a bully.

Well, there they are. If you like one of them or want to know more about the idea of one of them becoming a book, please let me know!! Thanks!! :)


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On to a new book?

I am in the process of trying to decide whether I should write this new book, dated back in the 17th century. I am very interested in English history, particularly during the Tudor era.
Well anyways, I might like some input on whether or not I should write the story. It's going to be called "Queen Beth", about a woman named Beth who falls into an arranged marriage to a count, by her parents. She's the youngest of four children, and has three older, protective and wonderful brothers. But when she marries this George guy, she ends up hating him and they argue a lot. But the more time they spend together, the more their feelings grow for one another. They end up having a daughter, but by this time Beth is beginning to be sort of obsessed with this idea to become England's King George III's queen, despite him already having one. The determination Beth has to make her family, both the one she's married with and the one she was raised with, more powerfully happier and wealthier. But her decision just might cost her everything she's ever known.
There is going to be a bit of violence in the book, but the main focus will be of Beth and her husband George following God's will and becoming close with one another.
So do you think I should do this one? I'm still not sure yet myself, but I hope and pray it is God's will that He wants me to do it....
In the mean time, I'm saving all my other books in my email for future refrence. Only God knows when I'll actually have a good printer to print everything.

As always, precious blessings!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New LI Series

Currently I am working on a Love Inspired series of books. It'll be about 12 people total, six books, six different men and women. The women and men have all become friends in some way, and I am going to save the best for last. Here are the names of the characters:
*Tracy & Taylor Rudd
*Jack & Whitney Anders
*Mike & Joyce Jenson
*Katherine & Nolan Townsend
*Ava & Chris Schulman
*Justin & Jessie Kramer

Taylor & Tracy's story is about a doctor and a kindergarten teacher. Tracy Johnson can't trust a man again after her sister married her high school boyfriend six years before, although hadn't seen or spoken to her sister in 10 years. Taylor is determined to make things right again for Tracy, but would he end up regretting his decision?

Jack & Whitney's story is about a carpenter and an RN. Whitney Williams lost her ex-husband to a divorce after they lost their infant son to stillbirth. And now she realizes she's falling for the carpenter hired to redo her shed after a tornado. But can she be able to tell Jack the truth when they begin to grow closer than she'd ever imagined?

Mike & Joyce's story is about a fun-loving chef & a carpenter. When Joyce Martin comes to help him redo his house roof, Mike finds himself in a position where he's never been. The red-haired spitfire of a woman is annying but sentimental, and Mike has never been one to get serious about something. Would it different this time?

Nolan & Katherine's story is about a quiet farmer who falls in love with Katherine Rockwell, a woman who with her three-month old daughter has been running from her abusive ex-husband. The last thing Nolan wants is another nuisance, but he himself is running from his past. He soon finds himself wanting to make a home for both the woman and her baby.

Chris & Ava's story is about a policeman and a Spanish artist. After seeking solace with her good friend, Ava finds herself rooming in Chris's garage apartment. But she's feared men for years, and takes solace with painting canvases. Chris has had too many failed relationships. But can he prove to the woman he's falling for that he could never even hurt a fly?

Justin & Jessie's story is about a chef & a secretary, and the last one of the series. Jessie is running from her past, and keeps her mind off of it by her faith in God, her dog, and helping her friends. But now that her friends are all married and seem to have her own lives, maybe it's time for Justin, the man who's always adored her, to change HER life.

Precious Blessings,


P.S. Don't forget to check out my website, which has a lot more info!