Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Flowers~~

Heloooooooo. How are you all doing today? Decided to write in Italics.

Well!! What an Easter. Hope you all had a fun Easter. I love re-learning the stories of Christ, Easter, and His blessed resurrection. It never gets old, and it never should get old anyway.

I have writer's block right now. Remember that book series I was talking about? Well, lately, I am wondering if I should even finish writing the oldest sister's story or if I should make it the shortest book of the entire series. What are any of your thoughts or opinions on the matter?

I have a new book idea and I can't wait to write it, which is probably why I can't finish the "Strange Stuff" book series just yet. Don't you hate that, writers out there? I know someone who has thirty plus book ideas, and I have no idea how she can be able to have so many ideas bottled up in her head, even though she has them all written down. The book idea is about five friends, similar to "Montana," although it is mainly about four guys and a girl who have been together since kindergarten. The girl is quiet and shy and her name is Anna. Her friends' names are Will, Tommy, Sam, and David. Will and Anna fall in love with one another while Tommy, David, and Sam live out their own lives meanwhile. Tommy's father is chief of police in their small town of Lincoln, Montana (a setting I mostly always use, because I love it so much, haha) and he's having trouble dealing with that. David is a big goof, which causes his grades to fluctuate. Sam is another goof, but has problems of his own that no one knows about including his friends. Will is quite series about Anna, and vice versa with Anna toward Will. However, when Anna's abusive and semi-alcoholic stepfather takes his wife and stepdaughter out of the country with no sign to their wherabouts or anything, the four friends David, Sam, Will, and Tommy are on a suddenly desperate quest to find Anna and bring her home. Meanwhile, their lives completely and dramatically change, and they come to realize just how important Anna really is in their lives. :) Doesn't that sound just plain awesome?? I'm thinking it will be 200-300 some pages, because I have a lot planned. And since there's also life, school, and work for me, I pretty much have to decide if and when I should finish the last book of the "Strange Stuff" series. Otherwise, I'm afraid my new idea book called "Closer To Them" could diminish over time or something. :( I haven't started it yet, of course.

Well, I hope you will keep my family and friends and I continually in your prayers. Blessings to all, and to a good blessing from God. :)

Ta!! :) TTYL!!