Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas!! :)

Hey, y'all,
How is everybody on this gorgeous December day? It is pretty outside with all the snow, even if it is cold.
I honestly have the best coat in the entire world. That's right, I got a new one!! I needed a new one, because the
old one had shorter sleeves, the collar didn't come up to warm my neck the way I wanted, and my hood was too
small. So I got a nice one that wasn't too expensive and had all the trimmings. Speaking of trimmings, what is your
favorite Christmas tradition? My family and I don't really have traditions except for one thing: us four sisters picking
names to be each other's secret santas. It is pretty fun, although I won't tell you who I have. No doubt there will
be presents galore and plenty of food and fun. I love this time of year, because this may be my last long Christmas
vacation. I still don't know when I am going to graduate from college.
In the mean time, I am still writing the "Strange Stuff" series I told you about last month. I am starting on the
second story of the series. I am so excited to watch how Bernie and Carlie Mae get together!! It's going to be a blast
to write their story, because they are pretty much just going to be fighting till the end. In my book, that is a fun way to
fall in love. Okay, maybe not for them, but I still think it is.
After that one will be Alec and Meg's story where the best buds will finally get together. In Bernie and Carlie
Mae's story, you will see how close Alec and Meg actually get following high school graduation. Finally, there are
two more books after this: Allison and Daniel's story, and Olivia and Zachary's story. I saved possibly the best for
last, because Olivia will be a really hard character to make fall in love, too. But hey, with God on my side, I can do
anything!! :)
Hope you all have a blessed, warm, safe, and healthy Christmas!! Take care and God bless!! :)
Ta!! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Month~

So. I don't know what I should write anymore. I mean, really. As soon as I get writer's block
on one thing, another story pops into my head! It's so annoying.
So anyway, the story that is currently in my head will hopefully stay in my head. Because
I really like it! Yeah! It's gonna be called, "Strange Stuff," cuz I couldn't really think of a
grander title. AND, it will be something I haven't written before. It will be a story about a nerd
named Milo who is not good-looking at all and who falls in love with one of the best looking girls
in the grade. I am going to try to make this a very funny story, however. Milo's new friends will be
funny, Milo's mom will be funny, Milo will be pretty sarcastic himself, and the girl he falls in love,
Skyler, will be in love with him. Her sisters, though, will be the funniest. Their names are Addision,
Carlie Mae, Meg, and Olivia. Yep, she will have four sisters. Milo's friends names will be Bernie,
Andy, and Alec. Oh, and Andy's girlfriend, Nadia. Now you might not think this is
funny so far. But it will be. Hopefully.
In the mean time, I don't know what I am going to do about the other books I had planned to write.
You know, those two other series? God willing, I will figure it out eventually. BUT, I can't exactly
decide everything about them right now. My life is just too hectic at the moment, although strangely I
still make time to write books and read novels. Some people even make fun of the novels I read,
because they are mainly Christian-romance-based. But everybody's style of reading is different. Don't
get me wrong. I like all kinds of books, really. My favorites are ones that had to do with Christian-romance.
BUT, I have read a horror book before. It was a Stephen King book called "Christine." I'm never going to
read another of his books again. But some of my other favorites are "Little Women," the whole Twilight saga,
the whole Harry Potter series, and some historical novels that are also Christian-romance. I have read the whole
series of Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and some others in between like the old Sweet Valley High Books.
Boy, those books take me back. I remember, when I was growing up, reading them on the long bus rides we had.
They were so intriguing and awesome. Maybe one day I will get back to reading some more of them, or re-reading them.
Oh, and I also loved any Patricia MacLachlan books. My favorites from there are anything from the Sarah, Plain and Tall
series, and "Baby." Oh, what an awesome book. I also have yet to read the Friendship Ring series. My goal
is to read every one of those. I have two at home and I love them so much.
Sooo, now you know my favorite kind of books!
Have a great week, everybody!! And, also, please, don't even think of imitating my work EVER!!
Ta!! :)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Series~

Hellooooooooooooo. :)

So, apparently my mind is going haywire these days. It can't decide what series to actually write. But that's okay, because I am trusting in God to let me know in His own timing. I don't know if I announced this or anything, but I had a series going for a little while. At first I had been so proud of it. All I had was a four-book series about four ladies in a town called Skyler Hut, Montana. For a long while, after writing about forty pages in two different pages, I got severe writer's block. So right now they are saved in my email drafts, because I really don't know what else to write in them yet. I was planning on making these books 224 pages, since that's the amount of pages the publisher I have in mind needs them to be in length. I wanted these books to be hilarious and very enjoyable. It's kind of hard when the dialogue doesn't spring out of your head so easily on paper like some authors are blessed with. I wish I could be more like that. Any ideas?
Well, until I decide what to do with that series, I decided to work on another series, or try to. So far it's been going pretty well. And you know with me having one more year of college and having such a busy life...whew. Between getting all that homework down through the already mush that is my brain, a writer such as myself needs to keep writing to keep myself alive, even if coffee won't do it haha.
So! I came up with a series of my own. You see, I don't know if you call it a blessed talent or a dark talent when you bring a Christian story, or stories, out like this. My first book of the decided series I already wrote, is about an escaped, angry convict kidnapping a woman because she'd witnessed him and his friends (also part of the series) in her hometown park. She later gets together with him, and the second book is years later when the second mean guy of the gang gets freed from prison to enjoy the start of his new-Christian life. Two more will follow. All these guys' names are Jack, Mack, (go ahead and laugh, but that's his nickname) Roland and Todd. Todd is the quiet guy who had lost his wife when she was mysteriously murdered. He'd gone to prison for killing the couple whom he'd thought had murdered his wife when it had really been someone else already in prison. Mack had killed his father and three other guys, and Roland had been a criminal all his life. Jack had killed two people he'd thought had murdered his sister, and in the first book they had all been on the run in this RV to help Jack kill the two guys who actually had.
Whew! Wish me luck, because so far it's been going pretty well. I hate writer's block, though, so I truly hope I won't have it again anytime soon. My plan is to write a half hour every day because of my busy weekdays. But since today is Saturday, haha, I will definitely write longer than that. Hopefully. Brain, please work today. Thank you.
Everybody have a great weekend!
Ta!! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Start of Senior College Year~

Been a while, hasn't it?
Well, first I'd like to say that I have a new series coming soon that I am working on. I am planning for it to be a hilarious, silly but real-life romance-Christan stories. God willing, I will be able to hear from a publisher on that matter soon. I plan to have one publisher company for my romance-Christan books, and another for the books that don't fit in that publishing company. God willing.
So anyway, the series will be called "Skyler Hut" series, consisting of four books. Skyler Hut, Montana is a totally made-up town, but I wanted it to sound silly. The first book is about a silly fishing supplies shop owner woman named Lena who still loves her neighbor, "friend" and ex-boyfriend Rod.
The second is about a ceramic shop owner named Jayla meeting Japan fellow Jiro.
The third is about bookstore owner Beth falling for librarian Slade.
And finally, the fourth will be of pizza shop owner Penny falling for town sheriff Jaxon.
Please check my website if you are interested for more information, or send me an email. Especially send me an email if you have any publishing companies in mind that could be good and possible great ones for me. If you know what I mean.
The start of senior year in college has not quite kicked in yet. So far, I've been learning a lot and constantly praying that God's will to be done. He's the one in control of everything, after all. And in the classes that I dread, I need extra courage and strength to get through them. Plus, I've been a bit disappointed with life lately, so God willing, it will all get better by His direction only. Please pray for me, and that would be really appreciated! :)
Today's a Saturday, and that means a boring day of washing clothes, finishing with reading the latest paperback novel I'm reading--which is really good by the way--making a time to see my relatives tomorrow for church hopefully, and getting started on some homework. Maybe.
By the way, I decided not to write that "New York" book. It was much too scary for my taste, and because I knew how it would probably end, it kept me totally from writing any more of it. I'm not much of a traditional writer anyway, like writing in that sort of decade for the United States. I like modern life much better, despite how the economy is coming along. But God is in control of everything, and even though it may seem a bit disheartening now, I trust that in His good time, everything will be able to easily work out. Yep.
Talk to you all later for now!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

End of July~

Hey, y'all!!
Well, it's the end of July for me and the end of work and summer classes. I am in the process of writing
two different books, and that's all right. I have been having writer's block a lot lately, but that is still okay. The rest of August will
probably consist of a couple doctor appointments for a physical and an eye checkup. And, it will probably
also consist of taking care of family, hanging out with friends again, and still taking care of animals.
At the very end of July here until Monday, August 3rd, I will be at my grandma's 300 miles away from home.
My great-grandma is going to have her 100th birthday party then, along with the town she lived in growing up. Isn't
that cool? Yep, I definitely say it is. The whole family will not be there, but enough people will be there to celebrate. I
just hope it will be a good time. Gram's birthday is actually not until October, but hey, why not have it now?
Wish us loads of luck and fun!! Hope to write again in here before school starts for my last year on August 24th!! :)
TTYL!! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Month of July~

Hey, y'all! 
Here I am at work eating my lunch, and thinking about how great people are. J. K. Rowlling, for example, was obviously a fantastic author. Look how fabulous the Harry Potter movies have become because of her books. I wish I had a brain like hers to write. This month on either July 15th or the 17th, not sure which date since I have one or the other dates; but anyway, on this date, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is coming out. My sisters and I are so excited to see it. It's truly going to be a work of art. I am reading the book of it right now. I haven't read the other books, since I've seen all the movies and my sisters have explained everything. But this book is definitely going to tempt me to read the last one for sure, and maybe even the rest of them sometime in the future, despite me knowing what happens in all five of them. Personally for me, I can't wait to see what will happen between Ron and Hermione. I am definitely fans of those two, and even the actor and actress portraying them. I am very excited for the movie, and I think you should all know that. 
My mom, cousin, and sisters are lately at the county fair right now. We go every year, and I'd been a f-4-H-er for several years, but retired from it a few years ago. I am now a 4-H alumni, and get excited to see my sisters and cousin do their sheep shows every year. It is definitely fun, except I'm left doing all the chores at home when they're busy camping out at the fair. I think that's required. But anyways, I do all the chores. It's not that hard of work, although I dread it only because it takes a bit to get everything done. God willing, I won't have to chase our jumping sheep ewe all over the barn. She is obsessed with eating, so she sails gates and fences like nothing. If we're lucky, she leaves the pens alone, especially if she and her ewe friends are in the pasture eating. But once she's inside with the rest of them, I better darn well make sure that the pen I daily feed, that door, is always closed. Which is a bummer, because that way, the lambs in the pen don't get much sunshine. I'm hoping that'll change in the future most definitely, because of course they love the outdoors. 
So, I'd ask again if y'all please pray for this ewe to be somehow reckoned with, and that the job I have with chores, including some household chores, to be easy for me until the rest of the clan gets back Sunday evening. I am definitely praying and hoping myself. 
Ta! for now! If any of you is a big HP fan, I hope you enjoy the movie coming up. :) 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me~

Hey y'all, 
It's my birthday today, and you know what means? A somewhat boring day, and saying a million thank-yous to those wishing me a happy birthday. I enjoy that very much, and it makes the day a lot brighter, especially when it feels strange to be a year older. 
Right now I actually don't have any exciting book ideas. I'm just typing and re-editing books I've written years ago in notebooks. I'm eating lunch at work now, and it's a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips, a peanut butter sandwich on grain bread, a CapriSun Fruit Punch, and a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Almond bar. Fun, fun. Oh, and I'm getting my haircut today. Birthday haircut, birthday style. I'm thinking of getting it cut to an inch to a half an inch off my shoulders. I haven't had it that short in a while, and it might be fun to straighten every day. I'm cutting my bangs again, too, because I like my bangs. Plus, my hairdresser, when I called her the other day for an appointment, asked me to bring a copy of one of my books so she can read it, and I'm hoping the one I'm giving her will brighten her world. 
In the mean time, it'll be a normal birthday. I'm turning twenty-one today, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go to any parties or clubs. I'd rather the drinking age be 25 or 30, in my opinion. Turning twenty-one isn't that big of a deal to me, it's just a number. I matter incredibly too much to the Lord to even think of seriously drinking. Besides, I've seen problems with drinking happen with people before, and that is never going to happen to me. I will be darn sure of it. 
It's a busy week for my family, so we won't have our "birthday party" thing goings on until Wednesday evening. It doesn't really feel that exciting of a party, because I'm really not a kid anymore and shouldn't have any more parties like those. Should I? Send me your comments to tell me what you think, please. Anyway, Mom said she'll make me my birthday supper of homemade macaroni and cheese and fried chicken. My dad doesn't like mac and cheese, so we'll probably have to choose something extra for him. We'll also having chocolate cake, and whoop-dee-do. 
Thanks for any birthday wishes you may wish for me. I hope to have a great day! 
Ta for now!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sick and Tired~

Hey! :) 
Sooo, I am having troubles lately. First of all, I am having a difficult time, or at least a tricky enough time, putting full faith in God to let Him work everything out. I am confused about Him, still, mainly. Oh, I study His Word daily, and I understand most of it, but how does a true Christian like me put full trust in Him? I want to so badly, but most Christians know how it is when doubts are constantly there, or get there, at least, if a bad thing occurs. So, please pray for me and my faith. 
First and foremost, however, please pray for my family. I'm not sure the most I can put out on here without them seeing, but let's just say that things aren't feeling well lately. Everybody is too busy, for one thing, and for another, I worry about my parents' marriage, and our family's whole faith in the Lord. These days, it seems or feels that I have more faith than anyone else. That's just too sad, and we have other personal troubles that stay at the back of my mind. Besides that, my birthday is coming up at the end of June, and I fear it may be nonexistent to my family. I'm turning 21. That day is going to mean far more to me than most of you probably realize. It has nothing to do with the fact that from that day on, I can legally drink, not that I want to, I'm not that thrilled about it. In my opinion, the drinking age should be 25. But anyway, turning 21 means that it's going to be another reminder that I'm an adult, that the days of college are closing in on me, that soon I'll be all on my own, and how scary is that? 
I work hard, and I study hard at school. But when it comes to going home at the end of the day--which makes sense lately since I'm working plus taking summer courses, two--something feels giant, like an aching hole inside me that I can't seem to place. Maybe it's just that I feel my years on numbered at finding true love. I try  hard to believe harder daily that God has my man out there somewhere for me. :) I seem to have more faith in that these days with Him than anything else, but I am trying my very hardest, and He knows I am. Most of the time, I guess, it's just hard. 
My hope and prayer is that you might help me figure something out. If not, God bless. Hope conquers everything, besides faith first and foremost, and I will continue to deeply believe that. No matter what happens in our family, and no matter what does or doesn't change. 
Thanks for reading. :) Ta! for now, 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Stupid School~

Hey, y'all,
Sooo, I have to read "The Taming of the Shrew," a Shakespearean play out of a book the thickness the size of my hand. Anyway, I do not understand the course, so I'm hoping that through the Lord's will, the professor may be able to give me a heads-up on what to do. I knew having an English-Writing major wasn't always going to be easy, but so far, this has been the hardest Eng. course I've taken. And that is saying something. Every semester I think that a class is going to be harder than all the rest I've taken, but that never happens. I always get through them with good grades, and if the Lord wills, I will continue to. I don't understand the point of being called on in class, however. What IS the point? Just to gain insight from students? What if you don't know the answer to the question? You can't just say "pass" or "I don't know." For most professors, it has to be a particular reason WHY I don't know, which is pathetic. A professor is supposed to help the student, not embarrass them. I'm not saying that they don't help. It just seems to be both most of the time, at least in my world. 
My other class of business ethics is honestly more calming than the shakespearean class so far. Maybe it's because I seem to understand that one  better, or maybe it's because I don't need the course for my major and am just taking it to get a second summer course. I need to work that's why, and if I don't take at least two classes in the summer, there's no work and no financial aid. So this is where I am. 
In the mean time, at home, the puppy is chewing up flowers, we know there's a kitten, but unsure where, my cat keeps wandering away from home and coming back off and on cuz he's afraid of a superior kitty, and there just seems to be too much arguing in the house lately. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it's come to the point where I can't stand it, and seek solace in God and friends, and animals. I was thinking of going to graduate school after I graduate this spring, but I think the shakespearan professor said that that course might be similar to graduate courses, and I don't want to waste time and money if I'd have to work too hard. There's nothing wrong with working hard. I'm not saying that there is. What I'm saying is that I have to decide what God wants, or rather, discover what he wants, and then go for it. It'll be in my best needs, always in His plan, so we'll just have to see,  I guess. In the meantime, please keep my family and I in your prayers and thoughts. I'd very much appreciate it, thanks. :) 
Ta! for now, 
JMG~ :)   

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey y'all,
My sheep ewe Sarah died Monday afternoon, May 4th, of pneumonia. :( She'd been sick for a few days, and we had been giving her medicine, but I don't know, I guess it just wasn't enough or something. After bawling until sleep finally came to me on Monday, I slept not so well. But I had Chinese with a good friend yesterday, so that cheered me up. 
I'm feeling pretty down, but I am struggling to keep my trust in God. I guess maybe I didn't have enough faith in Him to make Sarah all better. I hope to the high heavens of the earth that I will not ever regret that. I was a struggling Christian, and still am. I am struggling of putting full faith in Him, so I hope He reaches out to me soon, so that I will be able to, and maybe everything can be able to piece back together again. 
Sarah Winnifred died May 4, 2009 after a short battle with pneumonia. She was born February 10, 2005, at the barn. She was a faithful owner to JMG, and she will be deeply missed. She loved to hang out with her sheep ewe friends, and be a pig at eating anything. When JMG was gone from college, she sometimes avoided her and it took a day or two to win her back. She loved eating out in the pasture, and loved the sunshine. Her best buds were fellow sheep ewes Medora and Yo-Yo. In her entire four years of living, she had four children, twins in the year 2008, and twins again in the year 2009. When they were weaned, she was always sorry to see them go their own ways. She loved to have her cheeks scratched and rubbed, and to just be petted. She loved corn and mineral block, her favorite foods, and JMG often fed her a little extra. She always looked for JMG when she was gone to college, and she was patient until her return. 
She grew up with twin brother Nick, from mother Winnie. She was born late at night, and was all black right away. She and Nick were weaned early, however, when Winnie would not stop jumping fences. She became quickly accustomed to ranch life, and never got sick. She was always happy, healthy and loud. Her bellow often could be heard from the granary, and it was usually when her and her ewes sensed suppertime upon them. She was quite and nurturing, and loved to be hugged. Her face was soft and furry, and she was strong. She was a wonderful mother to her children, and a wonderful ewe to JMG. She will be sorely missed, but remembered very fondly for being a wonderful pet. 
Sarah is preceded in death by her mother, Winnie; her brother Nick; and her sons, Joey and Johnny. 
Sarah is survived by her twin daughters, Jada and Serenity "Nettie"; her owner JMG; and numerous sheep ewe friends. 
Rest in peace, sweet baby girl. I love you so much, and God forgive me for not being able to help you when you needed it most. I will never forget you, and I promise that I'll do anything in my power to keep Jada and Nettie just as safe. ~

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost Done~

Hey, y'all, 
Plenty has been going on lately. I am on the verge of writing the last book of the "Survival of True Love" series, the one about six ranch brothers. It is pretty fun, and in the mean time besides that, I am thinking of how to write a book idea that just won't get out of my head. It's not important right now, especially since only God knows if I'll ever get that one done. There is just a lot going on right now. 
For one, there are some family issues that are confusing at times. On the plus side, I am driving home this weekend (I love driving), and I haven't been home in about three weeks, not counting last Monday when I had to drive home to drop my dad off, since he'd picked me up for my dentist appointment. Long story, but anyway, a lot has been going on. 
Besides family stuff, there is a lot of homework yet to be done. Miraculously, I finished my ten page research paper last night, and even had time to chat with my sister before going off to bed. I really do need to start getting to bed earlier. I don't know what it is. I guess my brain just continues to want me to watch Home Improvement every night at eleven instead of sleeping earlier. I don't know what is going on with that. I have a group presentation today I'm not looking forward to either, but with God everything is possible, so I guess I shouldn't worry. He's taking care of everything, right? Right! I also have a couple more papers coming up this week, and a workshop thing in one of my other classes. 
To top everything all off, I have a cold. Though it's small, it still bugs me. I blame TV. But one thing that I have learned about watching TV at night is this Christian news channel beginning at ten at night on the Family Channel. Everybody should watch it, I think. Every piece of news they talk about is religion-based, and that's just awesome. I just wish that it would come on earlier in the day, so only those still awake would be able to see it if they happened to be on that channel. 
Wish me luck with everything this week! In the mean time, I am really excited to go home. :) 
Ta!! :) 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend~

Hey, y'all!
Now that the flood problems in the mid-west are pretty much over, it's time to face Easter break. I don't get Good Friday or Good Monday off, which is a real bummer, since aren't those days supposed to be respectable holidays? Jesus Christ rose from the dead, for goodness sakes! It is definitely an occasion worth to be remembering, and I guess people don't get that. 
Anyway, I'm not only excited to go home this weekend because of Easter, or because of the time spent with family and animals. I'm also excited, because for the first time in my rabbit Maggie's four-year-old life, she is getting a brand new hutch. One where she will not need to hide, where there will be a lot more light, and where she could live a healthier and happier life. Pet rabbits are supposed to live up to twelve years, after all, and I think that a new hutch could definitely lengthen her life, and make her a happier little bunny. 
Maggie is a gray, Mini Rex rabbit of four years old. Her mother, Dusty died two years ago from what I thought maybe was old age. But Maggie is so sweet, and the hutch she's living in now doesn't give as much light, and is more closed in. At least with this new hutch, she'll have a cleaner atmosphere, too, since I'm worried about the wood on her old hutch rotting. It was handmade from my dad a couple years ago, but I'm afraid some things don't last forever. So God willing, when I get home there will be a new hutch waiting for my one and only bunny. She deserves it. My mom was supposed to pick one up for me, and I'd pay her back later. 
But since we're on the topic, and I am bored at work, let me explain more about my rabbit. One thing is that she is a biter, but only when she's nervous. It has taken me years to trust my rabbits that they won't freak out. It has taken them years to trust me. Oh, Maggie trusts me for the most part, and she knows who I am. I know how to hold rabbits and all that, but sweatshirt and gloves are most appropiate with picking her up, and I haven't in a while, so hopefully it'll be as easy as possible. Sometimes I have to ask my sisters how to pick them up properly, because I forget. I took Maggie to the fair, and she's a blue ribbon rabbit. She's also earned me money before. 
Maggie is quite different from the other rabbits, my sisters' and cousin's, on our small ranch besides sheep, chickens, two dogs and some barn cats. She is very adorable, though. She is very sensitive about other people's voices and touches. She zips away from the main part of the hutch very fast. But when it's me or my mom, who takes care of her when I'm away, she feels a lot better. She doesn't even mind when I pet her, and her favorite places is on the head, over the ears, and along the back. She is an adorable rabbit, and God willing, she will be a lot happier in her new home. Wish us luck, and have a great Easter weekend, everybody! :) 
Ta! :) 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from Spring Break~

Hey, y'all,

So I'm back from Spring Break. A break that wasn't the most fun, but hey, I got to spend some time with my family, and a lot of time with my animals. My lambs, Jada and Nettie, are getting so big. I miss them so much. Our puppy, Bella, is hardly a puppy anymore. She's about five and a half months old. I will get pics on here of her as soon as I can. She loves to distract you from pulling hay for the sheep, and follows you everywhere. She loves hanging out with the kitties, too, which is odd, but half the time they like her, too.
My cat Dally is the same, although he waits for me more often now. Same with my sheep ewe, Sarah. She is busy with being with her friend ewes, though. On Friday, I cleaned the whole granary so that if the sheep ever got out again, it would be easy getting them back inside. I'm also planning in buying my rabbit Maggie a new hutch, one where she will have more light and won't be so shy. I hope it'll work, because she'll have nowhere to hide, really, this way. And she doesn't like anybody except me and my mom, who feeds her while I'm gone away at college.
As for Holly, our small dog, she lets Bella chase her around, and she keeps getting wet and muddy. It's bad, but she's still as lovable as the rest of them are. She loves to follow you, too, and I seem to be the only one who isn't annoyed by it at our house.
I did a lot of cleaning over spring break, and catching up. I spent a lot of time studying the Bible, with God, and writing. I finished two books writing, and am halfway done in a book I was reading. I also spent time with my grandma next door, and she's always fun.
I am thinking of taking a self-defense course that's free at the college. I hope that'll be fun, just in case I ever need to use the techniques. I pray and hope strongly that I will not, that the only time I can use it is to get my cousins back for pouncing on me in the past.
Anyway, I'm writing a series right now about six brothers who live on a farm together. It's going pretty well, actually. The only problem is how long to make them all. I don't want them to be the type of books you can easily read in two days if you had a lot of spare time or anything.
I also want to try more hobbies. Hopefully I can get going on some of them soon. A good friend once told me that to make your life better and happier, the best thing to do besides following God's will is sticking to the good things, and taking good care of yourself that way. I thought about that a lot in the past couple days. I definitely hope that my perspective of going home whenever I want will be more optimistic, yet I'm still waiting for God to lead me in the right direction in this one.
Your prayers are needed, please. Also, pray for those in the midwest flooding crisis. I'm thinking of helping to sandbag.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Stress City~

Hey, y'all. Hope all are doing well. 
Working hard lately with worshiping God and reading His Word, reading novels when I can, doing crosswords, writing, and also spending time with family and friends. It's been pretty fun so far. 
I am writing a story that I am very excited about. If I offend anyone by writing this story, please forgive me. It's a story about the past love story between the "Pirates" Davy Jones and Calypso. I know this is from the "Pirates" movies, but I was too curious to rid the plan of the book taking root in my mind. I'd tell you about it, but I'd much rather wait until it is finished. Since these stories are fictional, I am thinking that it would be fine with whatever I decided to do with my book. 
I better go, since I have nothing more to add. 

Monday, February 16, 2009


Between Valentine's Day night and the fifteenth, we had our last set of twin lambs. Two boys. It's sad that lambing season is already over with, but we had fun. 
I will get pics on here as soon as possible! 
In total, we've had 13 lambs born: 8 boys and 5 girls. 
Boys: Jasper, Emmett, Carl, Eddie, Jake, Charlie, and the final set of twin boys.
Girls: Kaylee, Jada, Nettie, Alice and Jamie.
*My lambs are Jada and Nettie, from ewe Sarah.
*Jasper and Emmett are from ewe July, Carl and Eddie from Yo-Yo, Jake and Jamie from Medora, Charlie and Alice from Keyley, Kaylee from Velvet, and the last two from Chloe.
During the week when I attend college, I get a bit lonely in missing my ewe and my little lambs. I'm nearly twenty-one years old now, and it's so cool how one could love family and animals so much. I especially love God and thank him every day for these wonderful blessings in my life.
Better go. I have a cough I'm trying to get rid of, and for some reason, when I type, it influences the tickle in my throat. 
Ta!! :) 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey everybody!
Last Friday, when I came home, there was a ewe in labor. Now I've seen just about everything
with labor from breached lambs to any other sorts of lambs. This day, it wasn't too much to be
expected. The ewe already had a lamb, and was making circles around it while she licked it.
This meant that she was in labor for the second lamb. I could also tell this because of the second
water bag coming out. That's the cool part. The water bags are always in different colors. I think it's
sort of neat. It's like they're color coded or something. Haha.
Well anyways, there was a damp, black girl lamb already born. Then, the ewe laid down and
began to push the second one out. They do that by having their noses high in the air. It's really painful
to watch, because you feel bad for what they're going through. The lamb was white and black and almost
all the way out when she stood up with it hanging down. It was a funny sight because it began to shake its
little head so hard that it plopped to the ground. Ouch, huh? But it was funny. We had a boy and a girl lambs
and they were all right. The mama didn't have milk for them, though, until two hours later. The afterbirth
has to drop before there could be milk in the utter. The lambs were so hungry by then. This doesn't always happen
with mama ewes. Sometimes the afterbirth drops immediately. Every ewe is different.
But they're okay. And we have two more ewes to have babies. I'm betting on one having three because
of how big she looks. But alas, first and foremost, the lambs need to be healthy. That's the most important
thing. Wish us luck on the final two. Please pray for them. Thanks!
***Here are the lambs we have now from ewes July, Velvet, Sarah, Yo-Yo, and Keyley: Emmett and Jasper, Kaylee,
Jada and Nettie (mine), Carl and Eddie, and Charlie and Alice.

Ta!! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey, everybody. Well, we're getting more lambs. Our latest addition is ewe Yo-Yo's twin boys Carl and Eddie. I'd post pictures, but I need to get them on the digital camera, and that's a lot of work. I just don't have time for that right now. But as soon as I do, I'll get them on here or on Facebook. So HA if you don't have a Facebook account. Maybe now is the time to get one.
Just kidding.
My week has been very busy. Each professor I have at college seems to think that I'm going to have time for all that reading for the class, plus reading for fun, plus watching my favorite TV shows, plus writing my books, plus reading the Bible. That's a lot to squeeze in one week, let along a day! But I keep plugging along, neglecting homework as usual and dreading to finish the latest book I'm reading for fun. I have like three hundred pages left, so maybe I'll finish it in March during spring break. I also have about 8 books left to read. They're not that long, only 200 pages at the most. But I wanna READ!! 
Beyond all that, I read the paper, do crosswords to again neglect homework, and today I have an appointment so I won't be going to 2 classes. HA! 
Please comment and let me know how I can be able to get all this done better. Maybe I need to stop thinking about the terrifying movie that I watched in one of my classes. Bad stuff in there. 
Well anyways...wish me luck. I'm already surprised I had time to write in here! 
Ta! God bless! :) 

Friday, January 23, 2009

LAMBS!!! :)

Hello, everybody! Guess what? My sheep ewe, Sarah, had twin girls yesterday around four o'clock in the afternoon! God willing, I will go home today to see them. I am so excited! Their names are Jada and Nettie. Nettie is short for Serenity. Pretty names, huh? Well, I told Sarah before I left that I was proud of her and would be praying for her. I think there were extra prayers, too, because since Jan. 18th we have had wonderful and healthy lambs. One ewe, July, had twin boys, and another ewe, Velvet, had a girl two days ago. 
I am always astonished year by year of how each mother ewe cares for her lamb or lambs. They are either angrily or scared-for-their-baby protective, or they might not care if someone holds one of her lambs. In a couple cases, we could hardly be in the pen for very long. And we have had all sorts of lamb experiences. We had an adorable blind lamb, we had the tiniest twin boys you have ever seen, we've had huge lambs, we've had one huge lamb and a tiny lamb as its brother. We have to pull at least one every once in a while, and it seems like there's one every year. There hasn't been so far, and God willing, there won't be any more. 
As the lambs grow, they get wilder so you have to tame them down and spend time with them as much as possible. When I mean wild, I mean they like to run around a lot and drive Mama crazy by wondering where they are. We've had a lamb with a very fast heartbeat, and bottle lambs galore. One year we had a ewe who had a lamb but didn't want it. We have ewes who don't have milk right away even after they've cleaned themselves. We've had ewes who have almost gotten into fights with other ewes, dogs or kitties because they're protective of their babies. Last year, one ewe had a huge baby, and she would freak out if he disappeared behind her! She had to know where he was every instant. Which is endearing, really. We often need to help the mama dry them off right after they are born, and then they're cold, so after letting them nurse a while we slip them inside your coat. This isn't the easier thing to do in the world, because their legs are so long and slip down. Once they are warm, they will find more strength to reach the utter. 
Ewes that haven't had babies yet love to stick their noses in the fence from the other side and watch the lambs. When we had our first lambs this year, the ewes were so excited. You wouldn't believe how excited dogs and even kittens get, too, at seeing the lambs. 
Lambing season is always fun. Well, we have five more ewes who are expecting soon. In a few days we will move the other ewes and their lambs, if need be for some of them, and start the process over again. Keep praying for them! And thanks so much for all your prayers! :) 
Ta! God bless! 


Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Nothing, Nothing At All~

Hello. Hope everybody had a good Christmas. Happy 2009!
Today I both dropped and added a course in college, and I have no idea why. There was this one class that the professor said was "not for everybody." It didn't sound like something I'd like, either, so I dropped it for a class about romance. Hey, better than what I had before. Better yet, it's all around the same time as the other one, except I hope missing today's class means nothing, and especially doesn't affect the financial aid I'm getting through college.
It felt insanely weird to go back to crowing away on the studies instead of checking my sheep ewe, who's due any day now, and work. Work I don't mind, since I have that schedule pretty well figured out. But as far as anything else...well...I'm just thankful to God that that class was successfully dropped. I mean, we couldn't even discuss class stuff outside the room! It was that bad. Well, I guess it depends on what your opinion is on the matter.
On the plus side, no school on Monday because of MLK Day. God bless us everyone, I was so pleased. You know what that means?!
That means if my ewe gives birth before Monday, it'll give me extra time to spend with the lamb or lambs! :) I pray, and I'll ask y'all to, too, that every single ewe in our barn has alive and healthy babies. God willing, we will.
Well, I better get back. I have some leftover pizza in my backpack from lunch, so I hope the stuff doesn't accidentally slip out of the box that is not too properly covered, since I made the mistake of tearinig off the top! I am also in the mood for some serious sugar or caffeine after everything I had to do today. Attending two classes, one of which I thankfully dropped and I'm beginning to think now, didn't really need after all. AND buying my books! I was afraid I wouldn't have enough money, but God was gracious as always.
Well, wish us luck! Please keep my ewe Sarah in your prayers, as long as the other ewes, and I'll list them off: July, Chloe, Keyley, Yo-Yo, March, Medora, and Velvet. We also have three yearlings, and two other ewes: Rosie and Dakota (sisters), Maybelle (one/sixth mine), and ewes Gabby and Flicka.
Ta! take care, too! :)