Monday, February 16, 2009


Between Valentine's Day night and the fifteenth, we had our last set of twin lambs. Two boys. It's sad that lambing season is already over with, but we had fun. 
I will get pics on here as soon as possible! 
In total, we've had 13 lambs born: 8 boys and 5 girls. 
Boys: Jasper, Emmett, Carl, Eddie, Jake, Charlie, and the final set of twin boys.
Girls: Kaylee, Jada, Nettie, Alice and Jamie.
*My lambs are Jada and Nettie, from ewe Sarah.
*Jasper and Emmett are from ewe July, Carl and Eddie from Yo-Yo, Jake and Jamie from Medora, Charlie and Alice from Keyley, Kaylee from Velvet, and the last two from Chloe.
During the week when I attend college, I get a bit lonely in missing my ewe and my little lambs. I'm nearly twenty-one years old now, and it's so cool how one could love family and animals so much. I especially love God and thank him every day for these wonderful blessings in my life.
Better go. I have a cough I'm trying to get rid of, and for some reason, when I type, it influences the tickle in my throat. 
Ta!! :) 

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