Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey everybody!
Last Friday, when I came home, there was a ewe in labor. Now I've seen just about everything
with labor from breached lambs to any other sorts of lambs. This day, it wasn't too much to be
expected. The ewe already had a lamb, and was making circles around it while she licked it.
This meant that she was in labor for the second lamb. I could also tell this because of the second
water bag coming out. That's the cool part. The water bags are always in different colors. I think it's
sort of neat. It's like they're color coded or something. Haha.
Well anyways, there was a damp, black girl lamb already born. Then, the ewe laid down and
began to push the second one out. They do that by having their noses high in the air. It's really painful
to watch, because you feel bad for what they're going through. The lamb was white and black and almost
all the way out when she stood up with it hanging down. It was a funny sight because it began to shake its
little head so hard that it plopped to the ground. Ouch, huh? But it was funny. We had a boy and a girl lambs
and they were all right. The mama didn't have milk for them, though, until two hours later. The afterbirth
has to drop before there could be milk in the utter. The lambs were so hungry by then. This doesn't always happen
with mama ewes. Sometimes the afterbirth drops immediately. Every ewe is different.
But they're okay. And we have two more ewes to have babies. I'm betting on one having three because
of how big she looks. But alas, first and foremost, the lambs need to be healthy. That's the most important
thing. Wish us luck on the final two. Please pray for them. Thanks!
***Here are the lambs we have now from ewes July, Velvet, Sarah, Yo-Yo, and Keyley: Emmett and Jasper, Kaylee,
Jada and Nettie (mine), Carl and Eddie, and Charlie and Alice.

Ta!! :)

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