Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Fall Frosts~

Hey, y'all,
So who has time to write these days? I'm having a bit more time. You know the feeling that you can never finish a project? Well, I have the feeling a lot. Whether it's a school paper or a piece of piano music or a novel in general, I feel like it never gets finished. I've now started about five books. I'm almost done with one I'm afraid might be a very short book (maybe you could decide for me), and writing one that is halfway done. This one, which is called "Miracles Can Happen" (I still don't know how in the world I come up with these titles), is about a man named Evan Stewart and a woman named Maggie Collins. Evan is related to Damian Stewart in "Living On A Prayer," but that doesn't have to be exactly clear.
Anyway, Maggie is a waitress, artist, and rancher who one day finds Evan unconscious on her doorstep. She, being quiet and shy like him, takes care of him and lets him use the guest cottage on her property. Over time, they fall in love, but Evan has an ugly past he's not willing to share with anyone, not even the audience, or the readers. In the end, Evan ends up making a hard decision that conflicts everyone involved, even those in their small town of Port Clyde, Maine, which is also the setting for Cale and Brody in "In Port Clyde." Haha. As you can tell already, I'm beginning to connect my books. Something always goes back to Lincoln, Montana, too. Who knows, maybe I'll go way back to the beginning of all my books and redo the connection there. What are your thoughts??
Onto a class!! Have a pumpkin latte for me sometime, being fall and in the season and all. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween, and if I'm not here again for a while, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!! :D

TTYL!! :D TA!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Bash~

Hey, y'all,

Long time no speak!! I've been real busy with school, work, & home stuff and haven't had time to come on here. I probably wouldn't have posted anything for September anyway, because writing has been so slow!!

I finished "Promised." All that is left is editing, and who knows when that will get done. Only God knows, really. I postponed writing "Stay Alive," because I'm not that interested in writing it yet. I tried writing a story called "Life As We Know It," but I'm not real sure where to go with it from here. I also am half finished writing a book called "Home To You," but I haven't had time to really think about what else I could put in besides the 60-some pages I've already written. I HAVE, however, been reading a lot. I opt to read at least one chapter every morning before breakfast. It works pretty well, because then I can start my days off better that way. In fact, reading over my morning coffee--or in this case, morning breakfast--has always been a mini-dream of mine.

But anyway, any book ideas would be appreciated. The most I've been writing lately are school papers, if anything, and we all know how boring those can be. I read the book "Avalon High" by Meg Cabot twice. It's a superb book, and I highly recommend it!! So if you get some spare time, check out your local bookstore and rent it or buy it!! Whatever comes first, really. My sister recommended it to me, and now there's a movie of it coming out in the fall!! I'm so excited, besides Part 1 of Harry Potter 7 coming out at the end of November, of course!! :) I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Not as big as I am a fan of God, but anyway, that's pretty much all the book news I have lately!! God bless and take care, y'all!! Everyone depend on God with all your heart, body, & soul, and hopefully I will be back next month to give y'all more exciting news!! :D

Ta!! :)


P.S.> In the mean time, check out the new layout for my blog!! :) I made the layout that way, because I LOVE antique stuff and it reminds me of my late great-grandmother and my two grandmothers. Also, I think it fits best with my blog genre, don't you?? :) Ta!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Rush~

Hey, y'all,
How's everybody doing?
So lately I have big news. I FINALLY sent a query letter and synopsis to a publishing company in the hopes
and prayers that if it's God's will, I will finally get to see my book in print! It's the book called "Strange Stuff," now
called "Strange Romance." I changed the name to fit better with the company, and I hope I do not have to change it again.
If I do, I will certainly let y'all know.
I also have been working on "Montana 2," Dan's story where he gets together with the perfect match, a sweet baker
girl named Georgia. I have writer's block on it so far, though. In between, I have still been working on reading, knitting,
and writing a poem every now and then. This month, I finally got settled into my apartment, my cooking has been turning out much
better, and I've been visiting family & friends more as well. Writing keeps going slow, but because "Strange Romance"
is now finished (finally), please keep your fingers and toes crossed, and please hope and pray a lot for me, that if it's God's
will, I will get this book published. I have also always found that God lets blessings happen when we least expect it,
and is always there to lend us a hand if we need it.

Take care, everybody!! :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July, July~

Hey, y'all!!

How is everybody today? First, let me say:

Okay, I'm done. :) My fourth of July rocked. I had family who came down to my new apartment and celebrated with me. On Saturday I moved in, and boy, was it a hot one!!

But enough of that. Remember "Montana"? Well, I decided to write my very first screenplay of that book, because I really don't know what I'm doing anyways. So far, it's working out pretty good. As a screenwriter, and I'm pretty sure so far that this is going to be my one and only screenplay ever, I am just copying and rewriting the screenplay from its original version. That way, if anyone ever wants to make it into a movie in the future, they'll know how long it should be and what all needs to be put in. The directors and producers will just have to look at how the screenplay version was written! I hope that they will like if that ever happens, if it's God will.
In the mean time, I'm still working on my other books off and on. I feel like I never have time to write anymore, but then I do. I guess it's just hard to explain. Life circumstances happen, and you either write or you don't. A lot of the time, I write just to keep myself sane. It's not always fun, but then it is. It takes your mind off things and lets your mind wander to a world where you don't exist except to plan out the days and futures of your characters by whatever writing design God our Heavenly Father places in our minds. If it wasn't for God, we would never have anywhere to go in life.

By the way, all people out there, Jesus Christ wants a relationship with you, not just to worship Him, love Him, and respect Him. He wants you to have a relationship with you that is not exactly religious when it's just between you and Him. You read the Word to know His replies, and you pray to Him to cast your burdens on Him. Then, He will give you the desires of your heart and everything you truly need in this life. I just wanted to take a moment to say that. As always, I hope people continue to read my blog. If you ever have any questions regarding my books or God in general, since my writing would truly be nowhere without Him, feel free to comment!! I would be most happy to answer any question you have, as long as they are appropriate. :)

I really have nothing else to talk about right now. But let me leave you with this cool quote from "Princess Diaries." I think it's inspirational and so truth: "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather, the understanding that something is more important than fear."

TA!! :D TTYL!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June, Be My Sunshine~

Hey, y'all,

So!! Big changes happening in the next couple months. Yeppers! While I'm living my life for God in unexpected, sometimes bizzarre, and life-changing ways, there have been a lot of book changes. On my last monthly blog, I talked about my new book "Living On A Prayer." Still super excited about it. Half of it is nearly done. Sometimes I write the last half of the book first so I can figure out the first half later. Doesn't always happen, but anyway, that's what I did in this case. Now that I am doing that, I have TWO MORE story ideas in my head.

The first story idea is not really an idea. I've had the story on a disk drive before, and I still do, but I want to dramatically change it. I want to make it longer, more dramatic, and add more story and plot to it. Plus change some of the characters' names. Yep. The book is called "Stay Alive." It's about two teenagers who run away from home to this orphanage. Things turn violent and rather nasty there, so these two main characters--Jeff and Carlene--run away in the cold and frigid winter wilderness of Canada. They find a cave in the middle of the wilderness near the far edge of Canada, way up there by the Northwestern Territories. I've never had a setting like that before, so for me it's going to be kind of cool. Along the way, Jeff teaches Carlene about faith and love, because of course they have to get together!! But along the way, they learn lessons in their own lives. Besides lessons of love and faith, they face multiple challenges. For one, they're actually hiding from the violent and mean staff at the orphange hours away, so they have to stay in or around that cave and wait until they are rescued, even though there's no way they can contact anybody. They don't have phones or anything. Other challenges include learning to hunt, catching what they hunt, taking care of themselves, and facing wild animals such as cougars and grizzly bears. So, yeah, this book is really going to be interesting.

In the mean time, I have this other story idea, yet I'm still not sure where it will go yet or if it will even go anywhere. God Himself planted this idea in my head, so it's pretty much His decision. :) Anyway, the book is called "Risk Is Everything," although that may not be the official title yet. I've only thought of this book idea the other day or so. Anyways, the book will be about two characters. One character is a rock band leader named Tyson Grant. The other character is Callie Sinclair. I'm not completely sure about everything yet, but one idea for the plot is for the book to start up immensely about Tyson's life leading up to the prologue where the scene shows him fainting before being about to sing and ending up in the ambulance. I will let you next month, hopefully, on how that idea is coming along.

Since it's summer and there's not a lot of stuff to do besides main plans God has wonderfully made for my family, friends, and I, I have also been re-looking over books I've written in the past. If anybody has any ideas for an agent, please let me know by commenting on my blog ASAP. Please. I don't really have time to look for one right now, and I need one for my books. I am thinking about editing one particular book (maybe, not a sure thing yet) for a publishing company. But again, it's not a sure thing yet. However, I have complete faith in God above that He will let me know what to do in good time. :)

Well, that's all I have to say for this month. Oh, the 29th will be my birthday, so be sure to send a "happy birthday" if you get a chance. You can just remember and praise me silently, too, if you wish. One year older, yippee. Haha.

Okay, talk to you all laters!! :) Ta!! Blessings!! :)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day~

Hey, y'all!!

Did I mention my new book? In the past month, I've gone through exactly three or four book ideas, getting serious about each one, until finally finding a book idea that would work and in which I can spend time writing. It's called, "Living On A Prayer." I know it's a song, so that's why I got the title idea from playing Guitar Hero. (I'm ten times better on the drums than the guitar any day.) I got the story idea partly from watching an episode from, "Wizards of Waverly Place." I know, I'm a serious sucker for Disney shows, movies, anything Disney, really. I'm a Disney freak.

But anyway, this book is about a high school couple who fight so much, hating each other's guts so much to the point that one day they realize that they don't hate each other at all. They're in love with each other. Cool, huh? I'm trying to make the first main character, Damian, extremely annoying, so ridiculously annoying that even the readers might hate him. And then there's Sarah, who at first is far more crazy about driving him up the wall than ever having anything to do with him. But once they finally get together, Sarah mysteriously disappears when her suddenly alcoholic dad goes crazy. I cut this part from a previous book I'd wanted to write and don't want to anymore. I just wait for the good Lord to give me great book ideas. While I write the books, I think about how it would go in my head if there was a movie version of it. Who knows. Maybe every one of my books will get to be in a movie someday. Only God knows if that will happen.

But anyways again, when Sarah disappears, after two whole months of waiting for an answer, two whole months where Damian becomes a completely different person with waiting for the police to find her, he decides to find her for himself. That journey brings them both on an inspirationally, emotional, and hopefully unforgettable journey. Not to be too corny about it, but the show must go on. The good Lord gave me this gift, and I'm eternally grateful for it. :D

It's finally May, though!! Everybody enjoy the spring weather! It's raining where I live right now. :)

TTYL and Ta!! :)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Flowers~~

Heloooooooo. How are you all doing today? Decided to write in Italics.

Well!! What an Easter. Hope you all had a fun Easter. I love re-learning the stories of Christ, Easter, and His blessed resurrection. It never gets old, and it never should get old anyway.

I have writer's block right now. Remember that book series I was talking about? Well, lately, I am wondering if I should even finish writing the oldest sister's story or if I should make it the shortest book of the entire series. What are any of your thoughts or opinions on the matter?

I have a new book idea and I can't wait to write it, which is probably why I can't finish the "Strange Stuff" book series just yet. Don't you hate that, writers out there? I know someone who has thirty plus book ideas, and I have no idea how she can be able to have so many ideas bottled up in her head, even though she has them all written down. The book idea is about five friends, similar to "Montana," although it is mainly about four guys and a girl who have been together since kindergarten. The girl is quiet and shy and her name is Anna. Her friends' names are Will, Tommy, Sam, and David. Will and Anna fall in love with one another while Tommy, David, and Sam live out their own lives meanwhile. Tommy's father is chief of police in their small town of Lincoln, Montana (a setting I mostly always use, because I love it so much, haha) and he's having trouble dealing with that. David is a big goof, which causes his grades to fluctuate. Sam is another goof, but has problems of his own that no one knows about including his friends. Will is quite series about Anna, and vice versa with Anna toward Will. However, when Anna's abusive and semi-alcoholic stepfather takes his wife and stepdaughter out of the country with no sign to their wherabouts or anything, the four friends David, Sam, Will, and Tommy are on a suddenly desperate quest to find Anna and bring her home. Meanwhile, their lives completely and dramatically change, and they come to realize just how important Anna really is in their lives. :) Doesn't that sound just plain awesome?? I'm thinking it will be 200-300 some pages, because I have a lot planned. And since there's also life, school, and work for me, I pretty much have to decide if and when I should finish the last book of the "Strange Stuff" series. Otherwise, I'm afraid my new idea book called "Closer To Them" could diminish over time or something. :( I haven't started it yet, of course.

Well, I hope you will keep my family and friends and I continually in your prayers. Blessings to all, and to a good blessing from God. :)

Ta!! :) TTYL!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Fun~


Waz up, folks?? Well, amidst trying to finish my last two books of the "Strange Stuff" series (I have at least 133 pgs left in both), I tried to whack my brain thinking of good topics of books I could write about. In the past, I have written books about numerous high school couples. You can see all my book topics--well, most of them anyway--on my website. "Healing Bridges" and "Montana" are great examples of high school students who have fallen in love, along with "Good Friend Mack," "The Sacrifice," and "March Home." Those two I'm pretty sure aren't listed on my website. I'm just giving y'all examples.

I have written historical fiction. "Queen Beth" is an 18th century historical fiction book about a countess of Cumberland who is destined to become queen of England to save her family from debt and other things. "Baby, Forever," was written in the 20th century in Germany during the Holocaust where an American journalist, Clara Franklin, falls in love with a Polish Jew. I have written a book from the future where an elderly woman is in the care center reflecting upon her past life. That book is called, "Things That Don't Happen Every Day."

I've written about a wealthy couple who were forced into an arranged marriage in "Great Kentucky." I've written about best friends falling in love in "Boyd," "Good Friend Mack," and "Life With Guardian Angels." I've written books about characters in trouble with the law in "Time and Tide" and "Milton Bridge." I've written two book series, one about six brothers and the other about five sisters (two books from which I'm almost finished). I don't want to write poems or short stories, because I've written enough of those in my opinion. The two series of books I worked on are all funny, and pretty much every other book I've written has funny and God-oriented stuff in them.

So now I'm clueless. Because of the Olympics, I thought about writing about a skater from Russia and a want-to-be skater from America with a tragic past, but I thought that would be too easy. I thought about writing about an American artist who goes to Japan and falls in love, but I thought that would imitate a particular movie too much. I thought about writing about other stuff, too, but nothing ever really fits like all the other books I've already written. I at least have to finish the two current books I'm working on before deciding about other book topics. However, maybe God is trying to tell me to take a break or something. Or maybe He's trying to tell me something else. Or maybe He wants me to finish my two books before thinking about further topics. That would be the best idea for the moment.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me. But I have written topics as moral as possible with chracters who have pasts with as moral as possible. I thought about writing that Triangle Factory Fire story, but was too scared to. Thought I would get nightmares and all that. So I don't know. I can hardly go a week without writing for at least a half an hour per week. So I will finish the books, and if God wants me to write more, I will. But I really don't think I've had this much of a blank mind before, especially when it comes to book topics. A few times I've been known to put other books on hold from finishing them if I'm really excited or too excited about a new book topic. I don't know, but that's never really worked for me. I actually just want to finish my books, even if they are both not completely edited, just so I can start a new book and finally be done with the series. Not that it's annoying. I've actually written the endings already. I just need to write the middle parts.

Well! Wish me luck! When I do finish the two current books (and I WILL), if I can't think of anything, I'll just start from scratch. Or I'll just write a short crazy poem or short story. I'll think of something, and God will help me out. :) So again, wish me luck! Until next month, keep loving life and God with all your hearts!! TTYL!!

Ta!! :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

February, February~

Hey, y'all!! Long time no speak!! :)

While I sit here pondering what to say in my monthly blog, I am watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" besides dreading to read "Light In August" by William Faulkner. I'm taking a Faulkner / Joyce college course, so there's tons of reading and little time for a better social life, knitting, and writing. Oh, I have time to write papers for classes, but when it comes to wanting to finish the final two books of my "Strange Stuff" series--Olivia and Allison's stories--I never have time. Even on weekends, especially the last few weekends.

Why don't I have time on weekends? My family and I are officially in lambing season, and it's been a lot of hard work but a lot of fun so far this season!! :) So far we've had at least 14 healthy lambs. Two more ewes are yet to have their babies. God willing, they will have them soon and maybe I'll get to see some more being born this weekend. That's always exciting.

Since I last wrote in here--a LONG time ago it feels like, I had just ended Christmas vacation. Sad. But anyway, ha, I've been reading a lot of books, so it wouldn't do any good to tell you how I've been on the same two books I've been writing for two months now or the list of books I've read since you've last read this blog. I am going to say that lately in my life I feel like I'm making some definite life-changing decisions where God is always there helping me along. I don't want to grow up, but I think I need some change-of-heart methods. Methods to change some issues deep in my heart. Personal issues that I just want to announce on here apparently. But I know and trust that with God, I can do anything and will be able to do anything. Please continue to pray for us. Also, please pray for more healthy lambs if it be God's will, and that my family and I will make God-pleasing life decisions. I hope to get to writing for fun soon, because I miss it so much. It really stinks logs (decided to throw that in, ha) when you can't do one of your passions. Hopefully this weekend, I will be able to catch up on piano playing and knitting and spending some time with family and animals. Then, after this week, God willing, I will get to writing again. It's so frustrating, but I trust that God knows what He's doing to wherever He's leading me and all of us. :) Each one of us is a child of God. Don't ever forget that. :)

Well, I better go study some more. :( Everybody be safe, healthy, happy, and upbeat!! Love God with all your heart.

Talk to y'all later!! Ta!! :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After-Christmas News~

Howdy, y'all,
Soooo, how was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was spectacular. I never wanted it to end. Okay, not everything was always fun, but I'd rather be at home helping my mother prepare lambing pens for soon-to-be ewe mothers than be at college again, studying. :( Not cool at all. Plus, I am trying to financially decide on if I should--since I have one more year left of college unfortunately--stay at the dorms one more year OR get an apartment. I'll be 22 soon, after all, and even though I'm following God's will for my life, I'm getting kind of sick of the dorms. I've been there for four whole years, after all. And because of several different situations in my life right now, I don't really know if He wants me to get an apartment or stick through another year of dorm life cuz it might be easier. If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment on this blog, as long as it's nothing inappropriate, that is.
On the plus side, I think I will have more time for stuff outside classes this semester. Particularly, knitting. That's right, folks. I'm learning to knit. There's this favorite book of mine that I love so much where the narrator is constantly knitting, that it inspired me. I love it so far, even though I'm still on Lesson 1. But with God all things are possible, right? Besides, I think it'll be fun to try new hobbies.
Busy time...so by the time I blog again hopefully it will not be busier than it is now. God willing, of course.
So that's the scoop so far!! Happy 2010 everybody!! :)
Ta!! :)