Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June, Be My Sunshine~

Hey, y'all,

So!! Big changes happening in the next couple months. Yeppers! While I'm living my life for God in unexpected, sometimes bizzarre, and life-changing ways, there have been a lot of book changes. On my last monthly blog, I talked about my new book "Living On A Prayer." Still super excited about it. Half of it is nearly done. Sometimes I write the last half of the book first so I can figure out the first half later. Doesn't always happen, but anyway, that's what I did in this case. Now that I am doing that, I have TWO MORE story ideas in my head.

The first story idea is not really an idea. I've had the story on a disk drive before, and I still do, but I want to dramatically change it. I want to make it longer, more dramatic, and add more story and plot to it. Plus change some of the characters' names. Yep. The book is called "Stay Alive." It's about two teenagers who run away from home to this orphanage. Things turn violent and rather nasty there, so these two main characters--Jeff and Carlene--run away in the cold and frigid winter wilderness of Canada. They find a cave in the middle of the wilderness near the far edge of Canada, way up there by the Northwestern Territories. I've never had a setting like that before, so for me it's going to be kind of cool. Along the way, Jeff teaches Carlene about faith and love, because of course they have to get together!! But along the way, they learn lessons in their own lives. Besides lessons of love and faith, they face multiple challenges. For one, they're actually hiding from the violent and mean staff at the orphange hours away, so they have to stay in or around that cave and wait until they are rescued, even though there's no way they can contact anybody. They don't have phones or anything. Other challenges include learning to hunt, catching what they hunt, taking care of themselves, and facing wild animals such as cougars and grizzly bears. So, yeah, this book is really going to be interesting.

In the mean time, I have this other story idea, yet I'm still not sure where it will go yet or if it will even go anywhere. God Himself planted this idea in my head, so it's pretty much His decision. :) Anyway, the book is called "Risk Is Everything," although that may not be the official title yet. I've only thought of this book idea the other day or so. Anyways, the book will be about two characters. One character is a rock band leader named Tyson Grant. The other character is Callie Sinclair. I'm not completely sure about everything yet, but one idea for the plot is for the book to start up immensely about Tyson's life leading up to the prologue where the scene shows him fainting before being about to sing and ending up in the ambulance. I will let you next month, hopefully, on how that idea is coming along.

Since it's summer and there's not a lot of stuff to do besides main plans God has wonderfully made for my family, friends, and I, I have also been re-looking over books I've written in the past. If anybody has any ideas for an agent, please let me know by commenting on my blog ASAP. Please. I don't really have time to look for one right now, and I need one for my books. I am thinking about editing one particular book (maybe, not a sure thing yet) for a publishing company. But again, it's not a sure thing yet. However, I have complete faith in God above that He will let me know what to do in good time. :)

Well, that's all I have to say for this month. Oh, the 29th will be my birthday, so be sure to send a "happy birthday" if you get a chance. You can just remember and praise me silently, too, if you wish. One year older, yippee. Haha.

Okay, talk to you all laters!! :) Ta!! Blessings!! :)


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