Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day~

Hey, y'all!!

Did I mention my new book? In the past month, I've gone through exactly three or four book ideas, getting serious about each one, until finally finding a book idea that would work and in which I can spend time writing. It's called, "Living On A Prayer." I know it's a song, so that's why I got the title idea from playing Guitar Hero. (I'm ten times better on the drums than the guitar any day.) I got the story idea partly from watching an episode from, "Wizards of Waverly Place." I know, I'm a serious sucker for Disney shows, movies, anything Disney, really. I'm a Disney freak.

But anyway, this book is about a high school couple who fight so much, hating each other's guts so much to the point that one day they realize that they don't hate each other at all. They're in love with each other. Cool, huh? I'm trying to make the first main character, Damian, extremely annoying, so ridiculously annoying that even the readers might hate him. And then there's Sarah, who at first is far more crazy about driving him up the wall than ever having anything to do with him. But once they finally get together, Sarah mysteriously disappears when her suddenly alcoholic dad goes crazy. I cut this part from a previous book I'd wanted to write and don't want to anymore. I just wait for the good Lord to give me great book ideas. While I write the books, I think about how it would go in my head if there was a movie version of it. Who knows. Maybe every one of my books will get to be in a movie someday. Only God knows if that will happen.

But anyways again, when Sarah disappears, after two whole months of waiting for an answer, two whole months where Damian becomes a completely different person with waiting for the police to find her, he decides to find her for himself. That journey brings them both on an inspirationally, emotional, and hopefully unforgettable journey. Not to be too corny about it, but the show must go on. The good Lord gave me this gift, and I'm eternally grateful for it. :D

It's finally May, though!! Everybody enjoy the spring weather! It's raining where I live right now. :)

TTYL and Ta!! :)


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