Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Fun~


Waz up, folks?? Well, amidst trying to finish my last two books of the "Strange Stuff" series (I have at least 133 pgs left in both), I tried to whack my brain thinking of good topics of books I could write about. In the past, I have written books about numerous high school couples. You can see all my book topics--well, most of them anyway--on my website. "Healing Bridges" and "Montana" are great examples of high school students who have fallen in love, along with "Good Friend Mack," "The Sacrifice," and "March Home." Those two I'm pretty sure aren't listed on my website. I'm just giving y'all examples.

I have written historical fiction. "Queen Beth" is an 18th century historical fiction book about a countess of Cumberland who is destined to become queen of England to save her family from debt and other things. "Baby, Forever," was written in the 20th century in Germany during the Holocaust where an American journalist, Clara Franklin, falls in love with a Polish Jew. I have written a book from the future where an elderly woman is in the care center reflecting upon her past life. That book is called, "Things That Don't Happen Every Day."

I've written about a wealthy couple who were forced into an arranged marriage in "Great Kentucky." I've written about best friends falling in love in "Boyd," "Good Friend Mack," and "Life With Guardian Angels." I've written books about characters in trouble with the law in "Time and Tide" and "Milton Bridge." I've written two book series, one about six brothers and the other about five sisters (two books from which I'm almost finished). I don't want to write poems or short stories, because I've written enough of those in my opinion. The two series of books I worked on are all funny, and pretty much every other book I've written has funny and God-oriented stuff in them.

So now I'm clueless. Because of the Olympics, I thought about writing about a skater from Russia and a want-to-be skater from America with a tragic past, but I thought that would be too easy. I thought about writing about an American artist who goes to Japan and falls in love, but I thought that would imitate a particular movie too much. I thought about writing about other stuff, too, but nothing ever really fits like all the other books I've already written. I at least have to finish the two current books I'm working on before deciding about other book topics. However, maybe God is trying to tell me to take a break or something. Or maybe He's trying to tell me something else. Or maybe He wants me to finish my two books before thinking about further topics. That would be the best idea for the moment.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me. But I have written topics as moral as possible with chracters who have pasts with as moral as possible. I thought about writing that Triangle Factory Fire story, but was too scared to. Thought I would get nightmares and all that. So I don't know. I can hardly go a week without writing for at least a half an hour per week. So I will finish the books, and if God wants me to write more, I will. But I really don't think I've had this much of a blank mind before, especially when it comes to book topics. A few times I've been known to put other books on hold from finishing them if I'm really excited or too excited about a new book topic. I don't know, but that's never really worked for me. I actually just want to finish my books, even if they are both not completely edited, just so I can start a new book and finally be done with the series. Not that it's annoying. I've actually written the endings already. I just need to write the middle parts.

Well! Wish me luck! When I do finish the two current books (and I WILL), if I can't think of anything, I'll just start from scratch. Or I'll just write a short crazy poem or short story. I'll think of something, and God will help me out. :) So again, wish me luck! Until next month, keep loving life and God with all your hearts!! TTYL!!

Ta!! :)


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