Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Fall Frosts~

Hey, y'all,
So who has time to write these days? I'm having a bit more time. You know the feeling that you can never finish a project? Well, I have the feeling a lot. Whether it's a school paper or a piece of piano music or a novel in general, I feel like it never gets finished. I've now started about five books. I'm almost done with one I'm afraid might be a very short book (maybe you could decide for me), and writing one that is halfway done. This one, which is called "Miracles Can Happen" (I still don't know how in the world I come up with these titles), is about a man named Evan Stewart and a woman named Maggie Collins. Evan is related to Damian Stewart in "Living On A Prayer," but that doesn't have to be exactly clear.
Anyway, Maggie is a waitress, artist, and rancher who one day finds Evan unconscious on her doorstep. She, being quiet and shy like him, takes care of him and lets him use the guest cottage on her property. Over time, they fall in love, but Evan has an ugly past he's not willing to share with anyone, not even the audience, or the readers. In the end, Evan ends up making a hard decision that conflicts everyone involved, even those in their small town of Port Clyde, Maine, which is also the setting for Cale and Brody in "In Port Clyde." Haha. As you can tell already, I'm beginning to connect my books. Something always goes back to Lincoln, Montana, too. Who knows, maybe I'll go way back to the beginning of all my books and redo the connection there. What are your thoughts??
Onto a class!! Have a pumpkin latte for me sometime, being fall and in the season and all. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween, and if I'm not here again for a while, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!! :D

TTYL!! :D TA!!


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