Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Rush~

Hey, y'all,
How's everybody doing?
So lately I have big news. I FINALLY sent a query letter and synopsis to a publishing company in the hopes
and prayers that if it's God's will, I will finally get to see my book in print! It's the book called "Strange Stuff," now
called "Strange Romance." I changed the name to fit better with the company, and I hope I do not have to change it again.
If I do, I will certainly let y'all know.
I also have been working on "Montana 2," Dan's story where he gets together with the perfect match, a sweet baker
girl named Georgia. I have writer's block on it so far, though. In between, I have still been working on reading, knitting,
and writing a poem every now and then. This month, I finally got settled into my apartment, my cooking has been turning out much
better, and I've been visiting family & friends more as well. Writing keeps going slow, but because "Strange Romance"
is now finished (finally), please keep your fingers and toes crossed, and please hope and pray a lot for me, that if it's God's
will, I will get this book published. I have also always found that God lets blessings happen when we least expect it,
and is always there to lend us a hand if we need it.

Take care, everybody!! :)


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