Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~Stress City~

Hey, y'all. Hope all are doing well. 
Working hard lately with worshiping God and reading His Word, reading novels when I can, doing crosswords, writing, and also spending time with family and friends. It's been pretty fun so far. 
I am writing a story that I am very excited about. If I offend anyone by writing this story, please forgive me. It's a story about the past love story between the "Pirates" Davy Jones and Calypso. I know this is from the "Pirates" movies, but I was too curious to rid the plan of the book taking root in my mind. I'd tell you about it, but I'd much rather wait until it is finished. Since these stories are fictional, I am thinking that it would be fine with whatever I decided to do with my book. 
I better go, since I have nothing more to add. 

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