Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from Spring Break~

Hey, y'all,

So I'm back from Spring Break. A break that wasn't the most fun, but hey, I got to spend some time with my family, and a lot of time with my animals. My lambs, Jada and Nettie, are getting so big. I miss them so much. Our puppy, Bella, is hardly a puppy anymore. She's about five and a half months old. I will get pics on here of her as soon as I can. She loves to distract you from pulling hay for the sheep, and follows you everywhere. She loves hanging out with the kitties, too, which is odd, but half the time they like her, too.
My cat Dally is the same, although he waits for me more often now. Same with my sheep ewe, Sarah. She is busy with being with her friend ewes, though. On Friday, I cleaned the whole granary so that if the sheep ever got out again, it would be easy getting them back inside. I'm also planning in buying my rabbit Maggie a new hutch, one where she will have more light and won't be so shy. I hope it'll work, because she'll have nowhere to hide, really, this way. And she doesn't like anybody except me and my mom, who feeds her while I'm gone away at college.
As for Holly, our small dog, she lets Bella chase her around, and she keeps getting wet and muddy. It's bad, but she's still as lovable as the rest of them are. She loves to follow you, too, and I seem to be the only one who isn't annoyed by it at our house.
I did a lot of cleaning over spring break, and catching up. I spent a lot of time studying the Bible, with God, and writing. I finished two books writing, and am halfway done in a book I was reading. I also spent time with my grandma next door, and she's always fun.
I am thinking of taking a self-defense course that's free at the college. I hope that'll be fun, just in case I ever need to use the techniques. I pray and hope strongly that I will not, that the only time I can use it is to get my cousins back for pouncing on me in the past.
Anyway, I'm writing a series right now about six brothers who live on a farm together. It's going pretty well, actually. The only problem is how long to make them all. I don't want them to be the type of books you can easily read in two days if you had a lot of spare time or anything.
I also want to try more hobbies. Hopefully I can get going on some of them soon. A good friend once told me that to make your life better and happier, the best thing to do besides following God's will is sticking to the good things, and taking good care of yourself that way. I thought about that a lot in the past couple days. I definitely hope that my perspective of going home whenever I want will be more optimistic, yet I'm still waiting for God to lead me in the right direction in this one.
Your prayers are needed, please. Also, pray for those in the midwest flooding crisis. I'm thinking of helping to sandbag.


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