Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend~

Hey, y'all!
Now that the flood problems in the mid-west are pretty much over, it's time to face Easter break. I don't get Good Friday or Good Monday off, which is a real bummer, since aren't those days supposed to be respectable holidays? Jesus Christ rose from the dead, for goodness sakes! It is definitely an occasion worth to be remembering, and I guess people don't get that. 
Anyway, I'm not only excited to go home this weekend because of Easter, or because of the time spent with family and animals. I'm also excited, because for the first time in my rabbit Maggie's four-year-old life, she is getting a brand new hutch. One where she will not need to hide, where there will be a lot more light, and where she could live a healthier and happier life. Pet rabbits are supposed to live up to twelve years, after all, and I think that a new hutch could definitely lengthen her life, and make her a happier little bunny. 
Maggie is a gray, Mini Rex rabbit of four years old. Her mother, Dusty died two years ago from what I thought maybe was old age. But Maggie is so sweet, and the hutch she's living in now doesn't give as much light, and is more closed in. At least with this new hutch, she'll have a cleaner atmosphere, too, since I'm worried about the wood on her old hutch rotting. It was handmade from my dad a couple years ago, but I'm afraid some things don't last forever. So God willing, when I get home there will be a new hutch waiting for my one and only bunny. She deserves it. My mom was supposed to pick one up for me, and I'd pay her back later. 
But since we're on the topic, and I am bored at work, let me explain more about my rabbit. One thing is that she is a biter, but only when she's nervous. It has taken me years to trust my rabbits that they won't freak out. It has taken them years to trust me. Oh, Maggie trusts me for the most part, and she knows who I am. I know how to hold rabbits and all that, but sweatshirt and gloves are most appropiate with picking her up, and I haven't in a while, so hopefully it'll be as easy as possible. Sometimes I have to ask my sisters how to pick them up properly, because I forget. I took Maggie to the fair, and she's a blue ribbon rabbit. She's also earned me money before. 
Maggie is quite different from the other rabbits, my sisters' and cousin's, on our small ranch besides sheep, chickens, two dogs and some barn cats. She is very adorable, though. She is very sensitive about other people's voices and touches. She zips away from the main part of the hutch very fast. But when it's me or my mom, who takes care of her when I'm away, she feels a lot better. She doesn't even mind when I pet her, and her favorite places is on the head, over the ears, and along the back. She is an adorable rabbit, and God willing, she will be a lot happier in her new home. Wish us luck, and have a great Easter weekend, everybody! :) 
Ta! :) 

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