Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey y'all,
My sheep ewe Sarah died Monday afternoon, May 4th, of pneumonia. :( She'd been sick for a few days, and we had been giving her medicine, but I don't know, I guess it just wasn't enough or something. After bawling until sleep finally came to me on Monday, I slept not so well. But I had Chinese with a good friend yesterday, so that cheered me up. 
I'm feeling pretty down, but I am struggling to keep my trust in God. I guess maybe I didn't have enough faith in Him to make Sarah all better. I hope to the high heavens of the earth that I will not ever regret that. I was a struggling Christian, and still am. I am struggling of putting full faith in Him, so I hope He reaches out to me soon, so that I will be able to, and maybe everything can be able to piece back together again. 
Sarah Winnifred died May 4, 2009 after a short battle with pneumonia. She was born February 10, 2005, at the barn. She was a faithful owner to JMG, and she will be deeply missed. She loved to hang out with her sheep ewe friends, and be a pig at eating anything. When JMG was gone from college, she sometimes avoided her and it took a day or two to win her back. She loved eating out in the pasture, and loved the sunshine. Her best buds were fellow sheep ewes Medora and Yo-Yo. In her entire four years of living, she had four children, twins in the year 2008, and twins again in the year 2009. When they were weaned, she was always sorry to see them go their own ways. She loved to have her cheeks scratched and rubbed, and to just be petted. She loved corn and mineral block, her favorite foods, and JMG often fed her a little extra. She always looked for JMG when she was gone to college, and she was patient until her return. 
She grew up with twin brother Nick, from mother Winnie. She was born late at night, and was all black right away. She and Nick were weaned early, however, when Winnie would not stop jumping fences. She became quickly accustomed to ranch life, and never got sick. She was always happy, healthy and loud. Her bellow often could be heard from the granary, and it was usually when her and her ewes sensed suppertime upon them. She was quite and nurturing, and loved to be hugged. Her face was soft and furry, and she was strong. She was a wonderful mother to her children, and a wonderful ewe to JMG. She will be sorely missed, but remembered very fondly for being a wonderful pet. 
Sarah is preceded in death by her mother, Winnie; her brother Nick; and her sons, Joey and Johnny. 
Sarah is survived by her twin daughters, Jada and Serenity "Nettie"; her owner JMG; and numerous sheep ewe friends. 
Rest in peace, sweet baby girl. I love you so much, and God forgive me for not being able to help you when you needed it most. I will never forget you, and I promise that I'll do anything in my power to keep Jada and Nettie just as safe. ~

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