Friday, July 10, 2009

Month of July~

Hey, y'all! 
Here I am at work eating my lunch, and thinking about how great people are. J. K. Rowlling, for example, was obviously a fantastic author. Look how fabulous the Harry Potter movies have become because of her books. I wish I had a brain like hers to write. This month on either July 15th or the 17th, not sure which date since I have one or the other dates; but anyway, on this date, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is coming out. My sisters and I are so excited to see it. It's truly going to be a work of art. I am reading the book of it right now. I haven't read the other books, since I've seen all the movies and my sisters have explained everything. But this book is definitely going to tempt me to read the last one for sure, and maybe even the rest of them sometime in the future, despite me knowing what happens in all five of them. Personally for me, I can't wait to see what will happen between Ron and Hermione. I am definitely fans of those two, and even the actor and actress portraying them. I am very excited for the movie, and I think you should all know that. 
My mom, cousin, and sisters are lately at the county fair right now. We go every year, and I'd been a f-4-H-er for several years, but retired from it a few years ago. I am now a 4-H alumni, and get excited to see my sisters and cousin do their sheep shows every year. It is definitely fun, except I'm left doing all the chores at home when they're busy camping out at the fair. I think that's required. But anyways, I do all the chores. It's not that hard of work, although I dread it only because it takes a bit to get everything done. God willing, I won't have to chase our jumping sheep ewe all over the barn. She is obsessed with eating, so she sails gates and fences like nothing. If we're lucky, she leaves the pens alone, especially if she and her ewe friends are in the pasture eating. But once she's inside with the rest of them, I better darn well make sure that the pen I daily feed, that door, is always closed. Which is a bummer, because that way, the lambs in the pen don't get much sunshine. I'm hoping that'll change in the future most definitely, because of course they love the outdoors. 
So, I'd ask again if y'all please pray for this ewe to be somehow reckoned with, and that the job I have with chores, including some household chores, to be easy for me until the rest of the clan gets back Sunday evening. I am definitely praying and hoping myself. 
Ta! for now! If any of you is a big HP fan, I hope you enjoy the movie coming up. :) 

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