Monday, July 27, 2009

End of July~

Hey, y'all!!
Well, it's the end of July for me and the end of work and summer classes. I am in the process of writing
two different books, and that's all right. I have been having writer's block a lot lately, but that is still okay. The rest of August will
probably consist of a couple doctor appointments for a physical and an eye checkup. And, it will probably
also consist of taking care of family, hanging out with friends again, and still taking care of animals.
At the very end of July here until Monday, August 3rd, I will be at my grandma's 300 miles away from home.
My great-grandma is going to have her 100th birthday party then, along with the town she lived in growing up. Isn't
that cool? Yep, I definitely say it is. The whole family will not be there, but enough people will be there to celebrate. I
just hope it will be a good time. Gram's birthday is actually not until October, but hey, why not have it now?
Wish us loads of luck and fun!! Hope to write again in here before school starts for my last year on August 24th!! :)
TTYL!! :)

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