Friday, November 6, 2009

New Month~

So. I don't know what I should write anymore. I mean, really. As soon as I get writer's block
on one thing, another story pops into my head! It's so annoying.
So anyway, the story that is currently in my head will hopefully stay in my head. Because
I really like it! Yeah! It's gonna be called, "Strange Stuff," cuz I couldn't really think of a
grander title. AND, it will be something I haven't written before. It will be a story about a nerd
named Milo who is not good-looking at all and who falls in love with one of the best looking girls
in the grade. I am going to try to make this a very funny story, however. Milo's new friends will be
funny, Milo's mom will be funny, Milo will be pretty sarcastic himself, and the girl he falls in love,
Skyler, will be in love with him. Her sisters, though, will be the funniest. Their names are Addision,
Carlie Mae, Meg, and Olivia. Yep, she will have four sisters. Milo's friends names will be Bernie,
Andy, and Alec. Oh, and Andy's girlfriend, Nadia. Now you might not think this is
funny so far. But it will be. Hopefully.
In the mean time, I don't know what I am going to do about the other books I had planned to write.
You know, those two other series? God willing, I will figure it out eventually. BUT, I can't exactly
decide everything about them right now. My life is just too hectic at the moment, although strangely I
still make time to write books and read novels. Some people even make fun of the novels I read,
because they are mainly Christian-romance-based. But everybody's style of reading is different. Don't
get me wrong. I like all kinds of books, really. My favorites are ones that had to do with Christian-romance.
BUT, I have read a horror book before. It was a Stephen King book called "Christine." I'm never going to
read another of his books again. But some of my other favorites are "Little Women," the whole Twilight saga,
the whole Harry Potter series, and some historical novels that are also Christian-romance. I have read the whole
series of Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and some others in between like the old Sweet Valley High Books.
Boy, those books take me back. I remember, when I was growing up, reading them on the long bus rides we had.
They were so intriguing and awesome. Maybe one day I will get back to reading some more of them, or re-reading them.
Oh, and I also loved any Patricia MacLachlan books. My favorites from there are anything from the Sarah, Plain and Tall
series, and "Baby." Oh, what an awesome book. I also have yet to read the Friendship Ring series. My goal
is to read every one of those. I have two at home and I love them so much.
Sooo, now you know my favorite kind of books!
Have a great week, everybody!! And, also, please, don't even think of imitating my work EVER!!
Ta!! :)


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