Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well! I FINALLY decided on a good possible topic for a new story, although I am unsure on whether I will be able to finish it! Here is what it might be about:
****Army soldier Garrett Anders adores being a faithful husband and father to his wife, Isabelle and two children. But he's called to go to Iraq for two years, and is afraid to leave his family behind. The only thing that will keep him alive are emails and kid hand-drawn pictures back and forth. 
Isabelle is afraid for her husband, but knows she is not alone. Not only do they have God, but her best friend's husband is going through the exact same thing. 
But when her best friend's husband gets killed and Garrett is captured by Iraqis, she has to learn the true meaning of being faithful to God...and never giving up. ****
If this story seems too much, please tell me. I don't want to be offending anyone. 
Let me know... ttyl! 

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