Friday, October 17, 2008

Too much going on in the head.

All righty. Soooo, I've come up with a new book despite the growing demands of personal troubles. I have come up with a new book and it just so happens that it was either the first or second story that I ever started writing when I was 12, 13, maybe? I can't remember...
But anyways, here goes. It was a story about a girl named Nikki Greenman, and I was writing about her and her husband Eric, and the when I finished the story, it was not my best work, especially since it was the first book I ever actually typed. But guess what? It just so happens that I had saved the book on a floppy disk. We got a new computer at home, and bam! all the sudden, I had lost that beloved book. Oh, I found one half! So that was that. I had lost that book, and in turn it made me very mad. 
One day I started doing the book over again on a floppy, but it went horribly. The book wasn't the same, and I didn't have the bounce in me that I had when I'd written that first book. It was very upsetting. So I decided to just forget about it. The story would never come back to me. 
Well, it has come back to me. Except this time, the story is completely different. In the previous book, the girl named Nikki lost her boyfriend named Josh when she was 15, by his death. She marries her goofy friend Eric, and they have a very odd marriage. They have two kids, and everything is messed up like that. Nikki had a friend named Jean, who she later discovers had died when she had been away at college in California, a random place. 
This time, it's very different. It's about a girl named Nora, who has a friend, not a boyfriend, but a friend named Josh who later moves away. No romantic relationship whatsoever. She has a best friend named Jean, who because of a drug addiction has to move away with her mom to get therapy and rehab. Nora marries her goofy friend Eric, but instead of a weird marriage, they have a rather good and healthy one. And instead of two kids, they have three. 
So this story will be a remembered timeline. A timeline from when Nora is a little girl when her alcoholic mom is abandoned by Nora's step-father. The step-father named Carl drops off his daughter and Nora at Nora's Aunt Maggie's house, and leaves them there without saying anything, not even goodbye, and therefore they never seen him again. Nora grows up and becomes friends with Jean, and after she moves away, after Josh, then she and Eric fall in love and eventually get married. They have three kids, Anna, Franklin and Michael, who is actually Eric, Jr., and it ends with Nora in the care center as an old woman. The story starts out with her irony, about how she hates living at the care center with other old folks, and can't do anything she wants. So she starts narrating the story. 
Okay, it might not sound as good as it is in my head. But it's about finding God first and foremost, love and the power of family and friendship. This will be a very inspirational story, so when I finally finish it, this time I promise I won't lose it, ha ha. 
Please let me know, whoever's there, on what you think of this story when you can. Thanks!


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