Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New LI Series

Currently I am working on a Love Inspired series of books. It'll be about 12 people total, six books, six different men and women. The women and men have all become friends in some way, and I am going to save the best for last. Here are the names of the characters:
*Tracy & Taylor Rudd
*Jack & Whitney Anders
*Mike & Joyce Jenson
*Katherine & Nolan Townsend
*Ava & Chris Schulman
*Justin & Jessie Kramer

Taylor & Tracy's story is about a doctor and a kindergarten teacher. Tracy Johnson can't trust a man again after her sister married her high school boyfriend six years before, although hadn't seen or spoken to her sister in 10 years. Taylor is determined to make things right again for Tracy, but would he end up regretting his decision?

Jack & Whitney's story is about a carpenter and an RN. Whitney Williams lost her ex-husband to a divorce after they lost their infant son to stillbirth. And now she realizes she's falling for the carpenter hired to redo her shed after a tornado. But can she be able to tell Jack the truth when they begin to grow closer than she'd ever imagined?

Mike & Joyce's story is about a fun-loving chef & a carpenter. When Joyce Martin comes to help him redo his house roof, Mike finds himself in a position where he's never been. The red-haired spitfire of a woman is annying but sentimental, and Mike has never been one to get serious about something. Would it different this time?

Nolan & Katherine's story is about a quiet farmer who falls in love with Katherine Rockwell, a woman who with her three-month old daughter has been running from her abusive ex-husband. The last thing Nolan wants is another nuisance, but he himself is running from his past. He soon finds himself wanting to make a home for both the woman and her baby.

Chris & Ava's story is about a policeman and a Spanish artist. After seeking solace with her good friend, Ava finds herself rooming in Chris's garage apartment. But she's feared men for years, and takes solace with painting canvases. Chris has had too many failed relationships. But can he prove to the woman he's falling for that he could never even hurt a fly?

Justin & Jessie's story is about a chef & a secretary, and the last one of the series. Jessie is running from her past, and keeps her mind off of it by her faith in God, her dog, and helping her friends. But now that her friends are all married and seem to have her own lives, maybe it's time for Justin, the man who's always adored her, to change HER life.

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