Thursday, March 10, 2011

No March Madness~

Hey, y'all,

So, once again, I have writer's block. I have so much going on that the most writing that I do is in-class poetry writing or writing a poem a week in general. Lately in my poetry, I write about God's will in people's lives and how it affects how you live in a good way. I wish I could share a couple with you, but they are not copyrighted and people may plagarize. Which isn't good, you know, because in all of my English classes, every professor always warned us at the beginning of every semester, and even sometimes whenever we are preparing to write the first term paper, to not plagarize, or steal someone else's work. It got me to thinking just now, why would a creative writer plagarize? If they love writing, why waste that time and money and effort on stealing another person's work? It doesn't make any sense.

Even though I did not do any writing last month of February, which is kind of sad if you think about it, I still have decided to not write "For Better Or For Worse." Why? Well, my heart is just not into writing another story where there are killings.... It just doesn't seem right to me anymore. So that is out of the question, that story, but if anyone wants to steal it, be my guest, haha. On another note, I'm trying to figure out (that is, when I actually have the time to think about it) how to finish my story of "Stay Alive." Yes, I'm still writing that story. I think one of the reasons why I'm holding onto it besides the fact that I have to finish it and love the story's plotline, is because I wrote it as a teenager and it has always stuck with me. I'm not sure if I've written in my blog about this, but I got the story idea from all the survival stories that are real-life, true (which both mean the same thing, I guess) and are probably still happening right now as we speak. In fact, I watched a half-hour TV program one Saturday afternoon where an avalanche descended upon this dog who'd been with his owner as they had skiied up and downhill. He was buried under snow and it was a miracle that the dog had survived or had been still been alive under all of that snow. They'd used some training dogs (since that dog had been a trained dog as well) to sniff out the dog and find him. It was definitely exciting to watch. So anyway, "Stay Alive"'s plot line is on my website if you want to check it out. My new website is I hope you enjoy it!!

Well, that is all the news I have for this month so far!! Hopefully, by the time I blog again, there will be no more snow!! Root for no more snow, people!! Stay blessed, warm, and have an awesome month!! :)

TA!! TTYL!!! :D


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