Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Flowers Bring May Writes??

Hey, y'all,

Once again, I have writer's block. You know, this is really getting kind of sickening. Not only do I have writer's block, but I also have absolutely no time to write!! Even my own writing tips from my own website do not work, and that's pretty sad. I've written and edited some poems, but I even have writer's block from this. However, my poetry book is pretty much done, and for that I am glad!!

I have decided, though, that at every blog, I'm going to have an interesting and hopefully inspirational quote from someone famous, or else a Bible verse at the end of every blog. It makes it to be a lot more interesting!

Instead of talking about books I'm writing or reading this month, I'm going to give you some writer's advice. Now having an English degree and writing for ten or eleven full years, at least every day per year, I'll try not to boast upon the fact that I know a lot of writing stuff. So, since I have writer's block, I suppose it would be a pretty awesome idea if I give you writing tips per blog until I FINALLY don't have writer's block anymore!! (whenever that is haha.)

Soooo, WRITER TIP #1: Write from the heart. I know, I know, this sounds extremely corny, but just go with me. Everyone has a heart, and everyone is capable of love and compassion. It says so from the Bible. If one is born of God, they have love. I read that in 1 John chapter 4 only this morning! So anyway, if you don't write about what you most like to write about, whether it's about zombies, aliens, or cowboys fighting crooks, etc., it's all good fun. BUT, and here's the tricky part: it MUST coincide with God's Word. It will be sin to write about something that He disapproves of, and if you don't care, that's really too bad, but I guarentee you that no matter what happens, no matter how much you enjoy writing about something, the bad qualities of it will eventually catch up with you. God will one day make sure you know the sin you committed and will ask you to repent of your sins, which you certainly must do. So when I say write from the heart, write first from God's heart and what please him. THEN, you find a topic from the heart to write about that will please him!! I hope this makes sense....

So that's my tip. Please comment if you have any questions whatsoever, and I will be happy to clarify stuff.

Alas, QUOTE OF THE DAY: By: Helen Keller: "Behind and before me is God, and I have no fears."

TA!! TTYL!! :D Everyone, have a blessed and happy month!! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine outside!! See you next month!! :D


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